Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's Saturday!

Hi everyone!  It's Saturday and I am so happy to have tome time to myself and not have to rush around and get ready to go to work.  It is nice, too, to get the chance to blog before Anne and John wake up.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, too!

Today I would like to share some more art journal pages that I am making in my
Book of Days classes taught by Effy Wild.

The first pages I would like to share were about using tags on your pages.  The tags were used in our background to give it texture.  Here are my completed pages:

My quote is from a song written by Mark Joseph.  A friend of mine sent me a You Tube video of the song and how it was used in the TV show, "Smallville."  I love it and decided to use it as the basis for my pages!

Secondly, I would love to share the pages I made from the decoupage week of classes:

This lesson was about decoupage backgrounds, which was so much fun to make.  And also about how you are the boss/queen of yourself.  So I found this quote on the "Queenisms" site and absolutely loved it.  I have a tendency to be harder on myself than anyone else.  I really have to work on that one every single day!  That's why I have loved taking these classes so much.  They have really helped my thinking process!

Also, if you have a minute, I have a post over at Ideas for Scrapbookers today!  Check it out!!

Last but not least, I have some photography to share with you, too!  I love to take photography classes, and this is from my final lesson that I just recently completed.

We had to pick an inspiration photo and use it as the inspiration for our final photographs.  Here is mine:

And here are my final photos.  I took them of Anne at Jacobsburg Park in Nazareth, PA.

We built our own tent, but the lighting wasn't quite right here, so we went looking for more locations:

We loved this little stone house that we came upon, but still not the right lighting:

Here we are!  This seemed like the perfect light and location as seen in my inspiration photo:

I really want to thank Lisa for her amazing classes, and Anne, for her patience during this photo shoot!  To learn more about Lisa's classes, you can visit her blog here:  The Long Road to China

Thank you all, so much, for visiting my blog today.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love love love love your pages!! GORGEOUS bold colors!! And loveeeeeeeeee your photos!! Those are beautiful!!!!

  2. Just loving your art journal pages and the photography looks like it's going very well! Beautiful photos!

  3. Anne stepping into the clearing... wow- sent shivers down my spine.

  4. That photograph is amazing. Absolutely wonderful. Love your art journal pages too. And the birthday project you shared on IFS - stunning!

  5. Your pages are great! The sayings are something I need to take to heart also! I love the photos. One of the things I love best about PA is those stone houses! Beautiful.

  6. Wow...what a beautiful pages Sharon, enjoy your weekend!!

  7. Your pages are AMAZING!! Love THE picture and how you remade it!! Super cool!
    Love from THE netherlands,

  8. Hi again! I hope your weekend is going well!! your art pages look wonderful.. and they look like a lot of fun too!! and great photos too from the inspiration photo too.. take care..

  9. Hi Sharon, you sound so happy and thrilled to be home!! I love the weekends too, relaxing and family time!! Hope work was good for you again. So glad your making time to still be creative even when your busy!

    First, WOW WOW WOW both art pages are AMAZING AND GORGEOUS!! you are a natural at this, knew you would be! I agree it does help like therapy to paint and express yourself this way. Good for you!!! Truly love these!

    That picture is stunning, I didn't know you were in a photography class, no wonder yours are always awesome. Anna did a great job and I love what you picked for it. Beautiful!

    I will be doing Week In The Life this week, it's like my PL but in more detail. Recording everyday all day for a week then putting it into an album. I love doing this each year, I can squeeze in all our stories and get some awesome photos if I'm lucky. I post them everyday all week along with many others doing this too.
    Did you see my sunflower post, it's on my blog now, you will LOVE IT!!

    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday and week! HUGS!

  10. Your art journal is fabulous, I bet you get so much enjoyment from it and the great quotes. Really love the last photo , the open field and like you said the right light, just gorgeous
    Have a super week

  11. WOW! HOW cool was that photo session?! And I LOVE your results - and your pages are just wonderful too - it looks like you're enjoying the classes - and we get to enjoy the results. :)
    Thank you too for your sweet comment about homeschooling - so far so good - and the bonus is that I am really loving it too. Thanks for your support, xoxo

  12. Saw these on FB and they are sooo magical! I see great pages ahead!

  13. Your art journal pages are so fabulous Sharon and your photography is STUNNING! I bet Anne loved playing and being your model.

  14. Your art pages are so fabulous Sharon and I really love the sentiment on both, especially the second one! I love that last photo and so pleased you got the perfect lighting...because it's certainly the perfect shot! Awesome!

  15. Beautiful are an inspiration. Love your art journal pages.

  16. wow so stunning my friend love your Art journal , and so sweetness beautiful pictures

    hugs carla

  17. That final photo is great--definitely worth all the time and effort that you and Anne put into the photo shoot! I also really like the idea of using tags to add subtle texture to a background. I'll definitely try that idea sometime.

  18. Wow, your current activities are so versatile and inspiring and wonderful. The pictures are beautiful! All of them!

  19. Beautiful creative pages. Thanks for sharing the photos too.
    Hugs Anja

  20. Loving you is sharing his journal full of fun and wonderful colors that I love so much and still have these inspirational photographs here. :)
    Hugs to you.

  21. wow - love your photos - they are gorgeous.
    and your art journal is so creative - it looks like you've been able to release your free spirit and just CREATE. Bravo Sharon!!!

  22. Stunning photos and I love your journal pages as well.


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