Sunday, February 7, 2016

My "One Little Word" for 2016!

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Sunday!  It's so hard to believe that we are into our second month of 2016 already.  I hope you are all having a good start to the year!

Today I would like to share my One Little Word with you and the layout I created for Challenge YOUrself's newest challenge:

I picked "Faith" for so many reasons.  This past year has been a year of faith for me and my family and for John's family, too.  Here is my latest layout featuring "Faith."

The photo was taken in NYC last March when John and I celebrated our 25th anniversary!

And here it is in black & white:

I am a little late, but last week's prompt at Our Beautiful World was "bird" and I wanted to share my photo above because you can see the seagull flying above our heads . . .

And here are some different views of my layout:

And the poem entitled "Faith is a Bluebird" is from the Disney movie "The Rescuers" and was one of our favorites when Katie was a child.  We would recite it all the time . . .

That's it for today!  If you are a scrapper, I highly encourage you to check out Challenge YOUrself this month!  Pick your OLW and start scrapping!!!

I would like to show you two photos that I took at the farm right down the street from us.  I would like to share these for the prompt "Markings" at Our Beautiful World.  

This first one was taken in the morning.  If you look closely, you can see the markings the corn stalks left behind through the snow.

And the second one was taken in the afternoon.  I love the markings the clouds left in the sky with the sun shining through!!

 I used my new lensbaby lens and love the blurred edges it created!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!  HUGS to all of you, my friends.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let your light shine!

Good Morning everyone!  How are you doing today?  It's the end of January already.  I know that this is a cliche question, but I want to ask  . . . have you made any resolutions for the new year?  I have!  Mine is to participate in more scrapbooking challenges this year.  I always find that they inspire me to do things that I would not normally do and they get me out of my comfort zone.  I know . . . it's hard to find the time sometimes, but I find when I make the time, I really enjoy them!

Today I would like to share a layout that I made for the current Scrap Africa challenge.

They have a mood board challenge going on right now that I absolutely LOVE, and wanted to participate before the end of the month.  It ends today . . .whew!  It looks like I just made it.

Here's there beautiful mood board:

What does 2016 hold for you?
What are your hopes and desires?

One of my aspirations for 2016 is for my family (and me!) to always look through the storms and find the light and the good in everything.  I know that there will always be storms in our life, but I want my daughters, my husband, and me to try to see through them and find the light shining through!

The layout that I made this morning:

I used a black and white photo of Anne:

Here are some different views of my layout:


That's it!  I hope you all had a wonderful January and made it through the blizzard of 216 if you live in our area! 

Here's the almost full moon shining down on the snow:

And here's what our back yard looks like right now:

I am looking forward to February and cannot wait to see what it brings.  Sending hugs and thanks to you all for visiting my blog!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sweet Anne!

Good Morning everyone!

I am here today to share that my youngest daughter, Anne, became a teenager on January 15th!  We celebrated by having a party for her at Revolutions in Bethlehem.

We invited her friends and family for bowling, arcade games, and sharing her joy.  It was a wonderful afternoon filled with fun and laughter!

Here she is with some of her friends and cousins:

I cannot even believe that 13 years ago she was placed in my arms in Changsha, China.

Where on earth does the time go?  She is growing into a beautiful and thoughtful young lady.  In honor of her, I made this layout:

I used one of my favorite photos of her taken when I caught her reading:

And converted it to black and white:

I loved the way the light was shining on her face here!!!

As I was making this page, I realized that it met the criteria for the latest challenge at Kraft Plus!  I actually used my own writing on the page to show all of Anne's special qualities:

So I humbly enter my layout into their challenge this month:

If you are a scrapper in need of some inspiration, I encourage you to check out their blog here!  Their design team's work and all of the entries are absolutely gorgeous and sooooooo creative!!!!

Happy 13th birthday sweet Anne!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful 2016 so far!  We have finally gotten some cold weather and it feels like winter now.  Our temp is 11 degrees this morning.

Today I would like to share a layout I made for two different challenges:

The first is the  Challenge YOUrself challenge.  We decided to make the challenge fun for the first one of the year, so it is an anything goes challenge, as long as you have YOU in the photo!

And secondly, because my friend, Heather, encouraged me to do so, I am entering my layout into the More Than Words challenge for this month, too!  What an amazing challenge site it is.  I LOVED seeing all of the design team's work and the entries so far this month, too.

I also want to share my layout at Art Journal Journey because this month's prompt is winter wonderland!  

And without further ado, here is my layout:

With some close ups:

Here is a close-up of the photo - we are twins, but have such different personalities at times:

I used this photo of  my twin sister and me . . . taken when we decorated our Christmas tree in December.  We have a tradition of "trimming the tree and decking the halls" with my sister and her husband every year, and it has become a beloved one in our family!  I feel that this pic really depicts my personality and how much I enjoy enjoying the magic of the Christmas season, especially with my wonderful family!!!  Karen and I dreamed of snow and having a White Christmas, but it wasn't it the cards.  But we did enjoy watching the movie:

We had temps into the 60's during December, thanks to El NiƱo:  

But no worries - Winter is here with a vengeance in January!  Brrrrrrrr . . . we are not accustomed to these cold temperatures yet.

And I would like to end by sharing a recent photo that I took.  This week's Our Beautiful World prompt is calm:

I took this photo at Jacobsburg Park which is 5 minutes from our home and converted it to black and white:

And here are two more; we haven't had snow, but you can see the frost that looks like snow in these photos:

Well, that's it for today!  Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.  Your visits mean very much to me.  I wish you a wonderful January and very happy 2016!

Hugs to you!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I love New York!

Good Morning everyone!  I cannot believe that December is almost over and we will be welcoming the new year very soon!  One of my goals this year is to participate in a challenge that I have never done before.  Whew!  The year is almost up and I just made it!!!  The blog that I picked is Kraft Plus Challenges because I  LOVE anything and everything about Kraft paper!!!

The Kraft Plus Challenge for the month of December is all about travel:

When I planned my page, I decided to scrap about one of the best travel experiences that I had this past year:  when John, Anne and I went to NYC to see the sights and to celebrate our 25th anniversary!  Here is the layout that I came up with:

I used one of my favorite photos from our New York trip:

And I converted it to black and white:

For my background, I found a world map made out of music paper and decided it was perfect for this page!!!

Here is a close up:

That's it for today!  I want to take this time to wish each and every one of you a very blessed and happy new year!   The best is yet to come . . .

Hugs and thanks to all of you!

Monday, December 7, 2015

A new Challenge!

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to the second week of December.  Whew!  I know I say it every time, but time is really flying by.  Today I have some exciting and sad news to share.  Sad because Lynn Lefevbre has decided to step down from Challenge YOUrself.  Her life is just so busy right now and she feels in her heart that she needs to spend more time with her family and less time in front of a computer.  I am going to miss her!  The exciting part is that she has asked me to take over at Challenge YOUrself!  I am honored and happy to become the new blog owner and hope that I can follow in her footsteps.  And I am really glad that she is allowing Challenge YOUrself to continue.

So without further ado, I would like to share this month's challenge with you:

And here is my layout:

I loved working with this sketch made my Lynn!  And I knew that I wanted to use this photo taken of me with my sisters when we did the Women's 5K Classic in memory of my sister, Cathy.  As you can see, she was there with us in spirit!

Here are some different views:

I encourage all of your scrappers out there to check out the challenge this month and join in on the fun at Challenge YOUrself.

And I would like to end by sharing a couple of photos that I took last night.  We had our annual tree decorating tradition and my sister and her hubby came over to help.

Here's Anne, Katie, Karen and of course, Kita:

Here's Karen and me, and the guys: John and Tim!

Last, but definitely not least, here is a photo for Our Beautiful World!  This week's prompt is "decorations!"  I was so excited to see this and want to share a photo of our most prized "decoration" - our Polar Express train that was given to us by my sister Karen.  She helps us assemble it every year!!

And our trees:
We have a little tree in our piano room:

And our bigger tree in our TV room:

Merry Christmas season everyone!

That's it for now!  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and enjoying the hustle and bustle of it all.  We were so happy to have Katie home with us again this weekend so that she could help decorate our tree.  YAY!

Hugs to you all.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.