Friday, August 23, 2013


Good Morning everyone!

It is so nice to see Friday!  YAY!  I am going to complete my second week at my new job today.  It was been stressful trying to learn new computer systems, doctors, staff names, etc.  But among all of the stress, I have to say that everyone that I have met at my new job is very professional and nice!

Today I would like to share some of the work that I have been doing in my Book of Days classes taught by Effy Wild.   Check out the links to learn more about her and her amazing online classes!

I am going to show you some examples of the work I have done this past of week, which was a week to learn all about faces and painting faces.  Here is what Effy so eloquently said about painting faces:

"Face painting feels like a spiritual act. Every face I paint feels like a spark of the divine meeting me there, on the page. Sometimes these faces are expressions of some archetype I’m working with: the inner child or the wise one, for example. Sometimes, these faces come as a surprise to me, and I am not sure who they represent – just that they were meant to show up."

I loved what she said and have learned to love creating faces in my art journal!

Our first lesson was about "meeting ourselves" on the pages we create!  This is what I came up with:

And the next pages were really interesting to make.  We started by creating our background, then seeing just what "appeared" on our page and going with it:  Here are mine:  

Effy says that we don't have to be afraid of "ugly" faces.  She said and I quote:  "Don’t fear ugly. Embrace it. Sometimes, the ‘uglier’ the face, the more expressive it is."

Yes, I am so full of mixed emotions this week.  My daughters are going back to school!  Katie goes back to Penn State tomorrow.  She is moving into an apartment with 2 other friends.  I am so happy that she is growing into such a wonderful young woman, but sad at the same time because I am going to miss her so much!  (No one warned me that it was going to be just as hard to say goodbye the second year of college!)  And sweet Anne starts 5th grade on Monday.  Whew!  Where did the summer go?

Katie and Anne spent the day together yesterday!  Katie took Anne to Dorney Park and they had a wonderful time going on all of the rides and having lunch and treats and just spending quality time together.  They gave me this photo strip that they took at one of the booths there:

They are so cute together!

I know that once the school year begins, everything will fall into place and we will get into a routine, but for now, I am feeling a little blue . . .  Sigh.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend.  Enjoy the nice weather and last weekend of August!


  1. Love your pages! THey have so much depths. :)

  2. Your pages are gorgeous ... and I totally feel you on the mixed emotions ... Adam is a junior in high school this year and we went to curriculum night last night and it just hits you that his high school years are almost over!!!! Glad your new job is going well!!

  3. I admire anyone who creates a face. I find it a daunting thought. You've done a wonderful job and I'm loving seeing all your art pages.

  4. I have never done anything mixed media. I love your page. I think it turned out so well. Good to read the new job is going well. I am with you on the kids going back to school. I have been dreading it like you wouldn't believe. My kids go back right after Labor Day. My middle is starting her Sophomore year at high school. Littlest in 1st grade (oldest child is 25 and lives in town). I have had such a good summer with the younger two. Like you said, once you get into that routine all will be fine.

  5. I'm glad to hear your new job is going well so far! Hopefully it will all feel routine and easy soon. Beautiful job on your pages.

  6. Hello Sharon, first let me send you hugs and love these next few weeks. I know they will be hard but you and your girls are so strong, they have a great role model, YOU!!! It never gets easier sending the kids out but makes it that more sweeter when we see them again. I know she will do great.

    So glad your job is going well, I know that makes a big difference in our days. It will just keep getting easier and less "new" before you know it.

    Sharon, I can't say how enough how happy I am your still doing art journaling. That class really helped you learn to love it, I knew it would.
    These are beautiful pages my friend and made with love by YOU!! Each face we make is special and unique so yes embrace it and all the ones after these.

    Have a happy weekend, great temps for us too. Sam has first soccer in the morning and more school shopping and thinking of camping out tomorrow night, YAY!! The kids head back on Tues and my house will be all mine again for 8 hours, YIPPEE!! Will miss them bunches but nice to have the quiet again. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Always happy to see you visit. HUGS!

  7. I am so, SO sorry that you're feeling down with your girls going back to school. I'll keep you in my prayers Sharon. Your art journaling pages are a wonderful way to express some of those emotions. Hugs!

  8. Good job girls getting the photo strip for your Mom! Sharon, to this day, I get an awful feeling in my stomach remembering leaving my Mom to go back to school............

  9. Fab art journal pages. Sorry you are feeling blue. Our kids grow up so fast ! I have two grandchildren ! and all mine kidlets have left home, we have been empty nesters for awhile now. Its all part of life and we do learn to adapt and you will love the visits when they come home

  10. I love your art pages, the faces are full of expression, and I don't think there can be an ugly face... a sad face or happy or some other feeling face, but no uglyiness in art I think!! and yes life has its ups and downs, my 3rd child has gone off to uni and I miss her but she rings me often and chats away which really helps.. and some days for no reason I feel a bit flat too.. I think it is the way us women are made!! I hope you find some happy blessings in your weekend!!

  11. Your art pages are lovely. Thinking of you with your daughter going back to college. Always wishing for an endless summer.

  12. wo stunning journal art love it so it's the best your feeling express the emotion .

    big hugs Carla

  13. Hello Sharon~ I hear ya. And for me at least, the third year isn't any easier! I know I am blessed to have College Girl here and not dorming (Hurrah!), but the hectic schedule and long hours of studying put a huge damper on time spent with her. I am delighted when she has meal breaks and closes the computer or books for 30 minutes to join us in the family room. The nice thing is that you still have many years to go before your youngest 'fledges'- haha! With only one, everything is the first and last time. xo

  14. So glad that the people you are working with are so nice. That makes such a difference at any job if you like the folks!! What delightful journal pages!! Thanks for sharing! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  15. Your journal pages look great and I like it how you have described the class and how to "meet yourselves". This sounds very inspiring. Good luck for your new job too! And I understand very well how you feel about your children growing so fast ... the photo strip they made for you is fantastic and at the same time so funny! I love it :)

  16. I know it's always hard to go into a new work situation, now matter how positive the change is. I know with your skills and kind personality you will do great though!

    Your faces are absolutely amazing Sharon! I love how different they are from each other, and yet each obviously your work. Very expressive and beautiful!

  17. Great artsy pages and awesome that you can pour your emotions into your pages! Wishing you all well, as school, uni starts again!


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