Thursday, August 15, 2013

Color Me Scrappy has a new challenge!

Good Morning everyone!  Color me Scrappy has a brand new challenge and a new look for their blog, too!

 YAY!  You are going to love the colors for Challenge #44!  Here they are:

The twist for this challenge is to use fabric on your page.(My fabric is the cheesecloth used in the background!)  I chose to use another of my favorite photos from our recent vacation.  This one is of John and I at Yellowstone National Park standing in front of "Artist's Point."  Here is my completed layout:

And some different views of it:

I loved the photo that Katie took of John and me!  Just had to used it on my page!!

And I would also like to share some  more photos from our trip.  These are from Yellowstone National Park - a most beautiful and Peaceful place!!!

Here is a shot of Old Faithful:

It was spectacular to see from this vantage point:

And a view of the lake:
Here's beautiful Katie:

There were flowers and meadows:

And majestic deer:

And buffalo that came right up to our car:

And I want to share one more frightening moment for me:

Did you read the sign???  I did and I should have turned around and went back!  
Here is a look at how steep the climb was at some points:

 Katie and Anne were fearless!  Not me!  But they talked me into going down to get this beautiful view of the falls.  I was glad that I did:

 And here is Anne afterwards:  

And all of us at Artist's Point:

What a beautiful day it was.  So full of wonderful experiences.  And some of them were more scary than others! (to say the least   . . .)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!  I hope you are having a great Thursday so far.  Our weather has been picture perfect here - in the 70's to low 80's with no humidity.  My new job has been really wonderful so far.  Thank you all so much for your well wishes.

And please check out Color Me Scrappy!  We would love to see you participate in our latest challenge.   Thanks!


  1. Loveeeeeee your lo!! LOVING all the gorgeous layers!!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeee the photos from your trip!!! I'm with you ... those steps would have FREAKED me out!

  2. This is a beautiful layout! The colors are so soft and the picture is great! All your pictures of Yellowstone are great! A beautiful part of the country. I'm glad to hear that your new job is going well.

  3. Amazing photos!! I love your work with this color palette on this fabulous page! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  4. So funny, I could not find the fabric on your page at first. And then I saw it, the real nurses fabric bandage hihi
    Love all your pictures from your Holiday, like I said before you visited great places.

  5. Gorgeous LO! I love everything about it.

    I'm glad that the sign accurately portrayed the hike, as it's often hard to interpret warnings that are vague. That picture shows that is indeed "extremely difficult and steep!" It looks steep enough to turn around and head down backwards like a ladder!

    1. Cindy, I should have had you there - that sounds like a great idea!!!

  6. What a wonderful experience, beautiful work and photos.
    You would get me there with my vertigo, hugs Trish

  7. Tell Katie she did great on that picture of you and John. And what a page you'll make with that picture of her in her tie died shirt!

  8. I am so proud of you for climbing down those steps. I don't know if I'd have been able to do it. I'm afraid of heights!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us and your layout is wonderful. I just love your color choices.

  9. First, the LO- the Viewmaster disc is PERFECT!!!! I know we had a Viewmaster when I was a kid and I am sure there was a disc with national parks on it. Just brings back memories, and it so fits that wonderful LO.
    Second, the trip- looks like you had a fantastic time with great weather and some really great pics. I don't think I would have ventured all the way down that steep climb- you are braver than I!

  10. What a lovely layout!!! Looks like so much fun!! :D

  11. Happy TGIF Sharon!! So glad your first week at work went well, that's so awesome!!

    LOVE these colors and what you did with them. Beautiful layout, such a cute picture of you two.

    WOW, there's no way I could have done this, huge fear of heights for me. WAY TO GO WAY TO GO on doing this and getting to see the gorgeous view with your kids. So glad you had a wonderful vacation together.
    The weather here is almost perfect too, one day stayed pretty darn cold. I had to get my slippers out. I think fall is sneaking in a little too early.
    Enjoy your weekend. HUGS!!

  12. Hi sharon,

    oooh what amazing Lo,Loveeeeeee the colors and the fun Photos,iam so glad you have a wonderful day with your family,the nature is so beautiful, i loveeee the wild touch and
    iam loveeeee the mountains,but iam not climbing this,no way,haha :-) :-)
    Thank you for your sweet nice comment of my blog,iam so glad you liked my pages,thank you :-)

    Have a great week My dear :-) Greetings Jeannette

  13. Hi..That is such a pretty color scheme and your layout is so special, what a great photo, and love the photos of your holiday, spectacular scenery!! Have a good weekend..

  14. Beautiful layout, I love the soft feel the cheesclothe givesto it and the touch of teal. The viewfinder disc is a great touch. Gorgeous photos's looks very steep, but I am sure it was worth it for the views and photo's. Have a wonderful weekend
    Mary x

  15. WOW! There is so much beautiful goodness layered here! Everywhere you look is another gorgeous *something*! Great job!

  16. Great pics, Sharon! LOVE this palette! You've totally made it shine! Really love all those little shimmery bits and baubs, and all your layers are perfect divine! Swoon!

  17. Great job with that pretty palette! The cheesecloth adds a nice layer of softness.

    Great vacation pics! So glad to hear that your new job is going well.

  18. Such a wonderful photo!!!!! I absolutely love how you captured the beauty of the moments and your amazing gorgeous page!love it

    hugs carla

  19. Love those colors and what you did, the cheesecloth is genius. Beautiful!

    And wow, the trip, the photos, the memories...amazing. Yeah, I would have turned around. LOL but you got some great shots.

  20. Love, love, love your vacation photos. Your layout is gorgeous...such a lovely color combo and I love the way you used the cheesecloth.

  21. Oh my gosh Sharon, those photos are so cool!!! I LOVE your LO as well. I love the texture your cheesecloth adds. I hope you are having a good weekend!!

  22. Perfect colors for these great photos! Glad you ate liking your new job!

  23. You've done such a super gorgeous job with the color scheme! I just love every bit of this layout! Beautiful layering and fun details! And I love all your vacation photos, thanks so much for taking the difficult climb so we could enjoy a view of the beautiful falls!

  24. Ooohhh this is so adorable!! All the stuff surounding the photo, so beautiful!! Great Job.

    Love from The Netherlands,

  25. you layout is gorgeous. great job with the colors your photos are beautiful. so jealous.


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