Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let your light shine!

Good Morning everyone!  How are you doing today?  It's the end of January already.  I know that this is a cliche question, but I want to ask  . . . have you made any resolutions for the new year?  I have!  Mine is to participate in more scrapbooking challenges this year.  I always find that they inspire me to do things that I would not normally do and they get me out of my comfort zone.  I know . . . it's hard to find the time sometimes, but I find when I make the time, I really enjoy them!

Today I would like to share a layout that I made for the current Scrap Africa challenge.

They have a mood board challenge going on right now that I absolutely LOVE, and wanted to participate before the end of the month.  It ends today . . .whew!  It looks like I just made it.

Here's there beautiful mood board:

What does 2016 hold for you?
What are your hopes and desires?

One of my aspirations for 2016 is for my family (and me!) to always look through the storms and find the light and the good in everything.  I know that there will always be storms in our life, but I want my daughters, my husband, and me to try to see through them and find the light shining through!

The layout that I made this morning:

I used a black and white photo of Anne:

Here are some different views of my layout:


That's it!  I hope you all had a wonderful January and made it through the blizzard of 216 if you live in our area! 

Here's the almost full moon shining down on the snow:

And here's what our back yard looks like right now:

I am looking forward to February and cannot wait to see what it brings.  Sending hugs and thanks to you all for visiting my blog!


  1. A wonderful layout and super photos!
    oxo Susi

  2. Beautiful! Love the message to let your light shine through the storms.

  3. Beautiful shots Sharon, and really pretty layout! I last blizzard I remember is 2003 in NYC, they are long gone now that I live in the desert, but my youngest is still in NYC.
    I am not a new year resolution girl, but I do jot down two things last year, one is to visit at least one "new" national park, one that we haven't been to, and the other is to move back to east coast by the ocean for at a month or two, I checked off the first but not the second.

  4. Love your page.... Especially the pink 'rain clouds' behind - wonderful!!! I especially love your snow pics. Could do with some here right now. It'd melt FAST I can tell you!!!!

  5. Fun and special layout! I like how you combined the die cut trees, the girly embellishments and the bold black and white.

    I wish we, too, still had snow (in Finland) - we did but it's gone foe now. Cool scenery next to your house!

  6. absolutely stunning layout!!!love the mix of green and pink!!! thanks for taking part in Scrap Africa challenge :)

  7. Such a GORGEOUS lo!! LOVING the colors!!!! And loving the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh, just look at all that snow! I'm so jealous ;). It looks like we're going to just miss the huge storm heading our direction... I'm praying it turns just a little and gives us snow instead of rain. And your page is perfectly scrumptious! What a great goal for 2016 and a bold, bright, happy page to showcase it!

  9. Yes Happy February!! I have not made any resolutions as I am inclined to forget what they are by the second week in January!!!! hehe! Love your dreams for this year! I hope you all can see the rainbow in every storm! Love this layout, the clouds are so pretty and love the photo, it is almost like the umbrella is shining !! and wow to all the looks so pretty... it would not last a second or two here at the moment.. it is so hot outside today.. the humidly just makes you sweat.. sorry.. hehe.. but not to worry!! Have a great day!!

  10. Wonderful page, Happy colors!!!! I love your background!!!! Thank you for joining us @Scrap Africa!

  11. Hello Sharon!! Happy February!! Sorry it's been so long, my computer was broke, just blogged about the whole sad thing. So good to be here though and see your gorgeous layout!! Love your thoughts and try to do the same too when faced with hard times. THere is a light if we look and stay with it. YAY for you doing more challenges and layouts, ENJOY IT!! My goal is to sketch more and sew on my projects and learn to sew a few things. My sewing started good then got stuck and haven't tried again, no patience but need to get past and keep trying right.

    Your photos of the yard are GORGEOUS!!! We now have grass again, the snow has melted and we had temps in the 50's. Thankful the blizzard didn't come our way, that was a big one and happy it missed us.
    We have been watching and enjoying the Middle. Think it will be repeats now for a few weeks but still fun to watch again.

    Have a great week friend, hugs and love xo

  12. Stunning page!
    Love the great background and ofcourse punk splashes!
    Thanks for playing with us at Scrap Africa!

  13. This is gorgeous Sharon! I absolutely love your page and adore the perfect! ;-) I am so glad that you have found some time to play along with our challenge and so love seeing your entry! ;-)
    Gorgeous photo's too.....I always love seeing your beautiful photo's! ;-) Thanks so much for playing along with us at Scrap Africa! ;-)

  14. Beautiful Layout! And, I love the snow pictures!!!

  15. Fun happy layout :) Thanks for playing with Scrap Africa :)

  16. love!Thanks for playing with Scrap Africa :).

  17. I cannot tell you how much I love this layout. It's softness , the message behind it and why you created the layout . Love the cloud with the rain coming down and the perfect photo and quote . Just beautiful !
    I am starting my year from February , January was a bit of a write off. I intend to be proactive this year (I am a bit of a procastinator , well a lot actually and also to relax and just breathe.
    Hope your year is full of all things good
    Mary x

  18. Gorgeous layout! I love the bright and funky colours. Thank you for playing at Scrap Africa.

  19. Hi Sharon! I love your bright and happy layout! it's so good to create something uplifting, it really does help us through the 'storms'.....I love the photo you used, and yes, I totally agree with you about challenges....I love them too! I love the connections I make with different blogs and it's so fun to sit down and not really know what you're going to do, but just let your creativity run wild! Often whwn I'm done I'm so pleased that I tried something different and out of my fun. I was really wishing for some snow this winter, but we're down in Georgia, and it's been so mild, it's just not going to happen, I love the photos you took, the white blanket of snow looks so peaceful and serene...take care, hugs, Lisa

  20. Lovely work, Sharon. I like the way you have the contrast between the rainy photo and your colourful background.

  21. That is an amazing photo to use with the word Shine...Anne always shines.

  22. Love your layout..especially the drippy bits!
    Send some snow's hot here!

  23. This is a wonderful layout - I love how you've made happier rain on the page.

  24. Your backyard looks amazing Sharon. I never experience snow ever but do like to see winter photos. The b&w photo of your daughter is very beautiful and so is your layout. I agree with you that I do enjoy what I do when time is do-able although I must say my time is forever chaotic with four kids, lol. I seldom make resolution because they seldom happen the way I plan or expect them to be but however this year I want to be more proactive and productive than before. January has been very pleasing and let's see what achievement will surprise me {and you too} this month and beyond. So glad to see your name at Mr Linky...thank you so much Sharon for playing along at Scrap Africa ....come join us again in the current sketch challenge. Enjoy scrapping :)
    Scrap Africa DT
    Qinaahana Arts and Crafts {My Blog}

  25. I love how the drips add movement to your page, and the bright pop of color is so much fun! I'm so very jealous of your snow!!!


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