Monday, July 20, 2015

A farewell to The Summer of Color . . .

This week marks the last week of the Summer of Color:

Kristin just announced that this will be the 5th and final year that she will be hosting this amazing blog event.  Here's what she said:

"So, if it Seems By Now that I'm ending our Summer adventure after five incredible years together, unfortunately, you're right. I know that there will never be an easy time to end it - and honestly my biggest fear is in disappointing you - but I've decided to dedicate the rest of my Summers to spending time with our daughter, who was 4 when I began The SOC and (I can hardly believe it!) will be 10 in a of couple months. I know that I only have a few years left while she still likes me more than her friends, and I want to take advantage of every little minute I can with her. I do hope you understand."

I am sad, but I totally understand that FAMILY comes first.  In my own family, I cannot believe that  my daughters have grown so quickly over the years!  Katie is 21 years old and Anne is 12 years old already.  Where does the time go?  Time is precious and I know that we need to spend as much of it with our families as we can!  
If you want to learn more about Kristin and her mixed media art, please check out her blog here.

I also want to take this time to thank my friend Dawn. You can check out her blog here.  In June of 2013, she encouraged me to join the Summer of Color.  When I did, I was in awe of the talent I found, but more importantly, I really loved how wonderfully supportive the entire SOC community was and still is!

In conclusion -  in honor of Kristin and the Summer of Color, I would like to post all of the six scrapbook layouts that I made this year!  I believe that she and all the the SOC artists have inspired me to do some of my best work!

Week One 
June 8, 2015
Blue + Blue + Green:  ♥ +   + 

Week 2 
June 15, 2015
Pink + Pink + Orange: ♥ +   + 

Week 3 
June 22, 2015
Purple + Purple + Yellow:  +   + 

Week 4 
June 20, 2015
Red + Red + Metallic:  +   + 

Week 5 
July 6, 2015
Green + Green + Pink:  +   + 

Week 6 
July 13, 2015
Orange + Orange + Blue:  +   + 

Once again, Kristin, thank you so much for hosting the Summer of Color for the past 5 years.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  And thank you to all of the Summer of Color artists who participated by posting such wonderful works of art each and every week!  Hugs!!!!

Now I can officially say that :

And thank YOU for stopping by my blog today!


  1. What a great idea to do a post with all your SOC's together! Love your #6 - gorgeous ricrac and that feather medallion looks fabulous. Yes, I'm really sad too that its come to a final end.

  2. You totally rocked it!!! All of your pages are simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've loved all your layouts, Sharon, but there was just something very special about the green green pink with the cutout flower. Good to have met you too.

  4. Sadly I only got to do two Sharon but you have managed the lot with amazing them .keeping in touch..x{aNNie My Personal Blog}

  5. Wow, each of these layouts reflects summer in such a beautiful and unique way. I just adore your style! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  6. You've certainly made the most of the color inspiration! Beautiful projects. I like seeing them all together.

  7. I really love seeing your pages all together. They are very inspiring.

  8. So sad to learn that SOC has its final year, I just found the challenge blog last year and can only participate first 4 weeks this year since I left for Singapore, and now it is time for goodbye, sop sop!
    Love all your beautiful work there!

  9. I think we would all agree that time with family is the most precious thing we have and no should feel bad because they put family before crafting.. Scrapping is what I do in my spare time, when my family are off doing their things.. So I wish the creator of summer of color the most wonderful seasons with her family... And wow oh wow, your creations are so amazing and absolutely stunning... You have created so beautifully with the limited color scheme.. The use of mixed media and the amazing photos make each of these layouts very special indeed! Thanks for sharing them all again and well done on being a summer of color girl! You have been inspirational!

  10. Your LOs are always very special. SOC was a great event, we will all miss it. But time flies by so fast, children grow up and we get older. My daughter will be 50 next birthday, makes me feel very ancient! Thanks for your visit on my blog today, always lovely to see you. Hugs, Valerie

  11. You know? I simply HAVE to agree. I think you've done your best work too....these are simply magnificent LOs & if it was me, I'd be mighty proud of them:):) What a shame about the summer of colour..... I was thinking about joining in 'next year'....just goes to show, you've got to do stuff NOW....cos tomorrow may never, after that li'l homily, I'll bid you adieu!!!!!

  12. hi sharon,i absolultly love love love all your los,so special and beautiful,iam speechless,the colors and your design so wonderful,and yes mkids grow up,my girl its 22 and have to kids,she was married with a super guy.
    thank you so much for all your kind comments of my blog,iam glad you liked my pages.
    wish you and yours a great week,have fun ,love and joy.

    greetings jeannette

  13. Amazing group of layouts! Loving the use of fabric and machine stitching!!!

  14. These are all beautiful and it was through your gorgeous work that I found the 5COS I only joined in this year, so I am very sad to see that it is to be no more, but I totally understand the reason behind Kristen's decision and Family must always come first. Our children grow sooooo fast and we cannot get that time back. I love your style Sharon, I have watched it change from when I first started following you. All the best to Kristen and I thank her for the opportunity to join in with 5COS

  15. I believe you are right! These are definitely some of your best work. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I'm glad you enjoyed the challenges. It's sad that they are closing but you have some lovely pages to remember.

  16. so nice to see them all together in this wonderful Review. i was a bit sad that this summer was the last one of the challenge, as i missed the years before. but other things will come up. have a great summer ahead!

  17. Hello Sharon, each of your layouts is exquisite, so beautifully arranged and painted.
    It would be impossible to choose a favourite so I am going to have them all as favourites.
    Thanks for all your very nice comments on my blog, it's always a pleasure to see you.

  18. Love seeing all your layouts again in one post! It is sad that this is the last Summer of Colour.

  19. Sharon, the SOC pages look so lovely together. I, too, am going to miss SOC so much. I never finish challenges and this one was great for me. Long enough to matter and short enough to keep my attention. I can't wait to see more pages from you!!!! HUGS, Pamikins

  20. What a great showcase and once again I see my favourite week five. That is such a clever layout I love it

  21. All are just SUPER Sharon. My fav is week five. What a great community SOC has been and so much fun. Thanks bunches for sharing all your INCREDIBLE creations. Hugs. j.

  22. Thank you so much! Your work is absolutely GORGEOUS and the SOC would not be the same without you! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future - this is a stunning collection of your Summer memories ;) Thank you for everything, xo

  23. It's so great to see all your SOC 2015 pages together in one post!

  24. WOW...What a fabulous SOC!!

  25. Such beautiful pages! All are amazing and fabulous in their own way! You are flourishing girl! ;-)

  26. Oh. My. Goodness. Your work is STUNNING! I love each and every one of these layouts. <3

  27. Awww! This is a Gorgeous Wrap-up Sharon!!! Though I couldn't visit you each week here, it was a treat to watch your work every week in FB...Sorry, I got knotted up with my move and several other things!!!!
    You are Inspiring girl! :)

  28. WOW WOW WOW!!!! These layouts are SO AMAZING AND GORGEOUS!! I love the mixed media look and these colors are such fun ones, you did such an amazing job my friend!! I didn't know this would be the last year, how sad that I missed out this summer. So happy that I could inspire you to start with SOC two years ago, it's been fun seeing what you do with the prompts each year.
    I think the second one is my favorite but really LOOOOOVE them all SO MUCH!!
    Thank you for posting them all here to see, I missed seeing some of them.


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