Monday, April 20, 2015

A Happy Day!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Monday!  I have the day off!  I can't even remember the last time I had a day off all to myself!  WOW!  So I decided to get some scrapping in.  Went looking for inspiration and found it on Facebook from my friend, Lynn!  She posted her design team layout for Scrap Our Stash Challenge Blog.

 Here is the sketch:

and inspiration board:

From the inspiration board, I picked that amazing pink color, the cloud shape, and the word "happy."  From my stash, I found some old ribbon, washi tape, and Webster's pages paper from Christmas.  I also found old paper clip stars and one that said "family!

Here's my layout:

with some different views:

 And the real inspiration for my layout is that we were able to celebrate Katie's 21st birthday with her at Penn State yesterday!  I cannot believe how very fast time flew by in 21 years.  Wasn't she a baby and a little girl just yesterday?

She has grown into a beautiful young woman: (Her friend took this photo of her!)

And here is the photo that I took at Beaver Stadium yesterday.  We were waiting for John to complete his 5K run.

It was such a beautiful day! After the 5K, we took Katie out for lunch and had a delicious meal filled with fun and love. I am very happy that John, Anne, Aunt Karen, and Uncle Tim and I got to spend Katie's 21st birthday with her.

And in closing, I would like to share some photos with you. I am taking a class right now and am learning a lot about editing in Photoshop!  I am really amazed at all of the things that can be done in Photoshop, and I know that I just touched the tip of the iceberg, too!

Here are some of my examples: 

The original photo was taken right down the street from our home at the farm:

My edit with Cinderella's carriage and castle:

I took this picture at Jacobsberg Park during a foggy evening:

One of my Facebook friends said that it looked like the headless horseman should 
come riding over the bridge, so I added him:

I snapped this photo at Arrowhead Lake last summer:

Here is my edit after I added a family of bears:

A pretty boring photo that I took last summer At Monacasy Park in Bethlehem:

Not anymore . . . I made it haunted:

And last but not least, I took this photo at the top of the Empire State Building:

We couldn't go up at night because it was extremely cold, so I made it look like we did:

So, I hope you had fun taking a peek at some of the fun that I have had editing the past 2 weeks!  I am enjoying this class and learning so much!

And if you have a chance, please check out the Scrap Our Stash Challenge Blog this month, too.

Have a great week everyone!  Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  HUGS!


  1. Gosh, I'm really impressed with your use of Photoshop. Love the headless horseman and the photo you changed into a haunted one, I kept looking back and forward, it was so different and quite a spectacular change.
    That's a wonderful happy layout using the sketch and the colours and the photo of the four of you, it's very heart-warming.

  2. Happy birthday to Katie! LOVING all the photos and loveeeeeeeeee the lo!! Gorgeous colors and loving the clouds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Loved the edited photos they look so real! Love the Cinderella one! Beautiful vibrant layout, theses colors together look wonderful, and a special photo too! And happy birthday to your Katie! The years seem to be gaining speed as we get older! My eldest is 30 next month.... Now that is scary!! Have a great day!

  4. Awesome layout!Thank you for joining us at Scrap Our Stash

  5. HUH! I have Photoshop & don't do anything like THAT for me! Bears still living in their caves....Cinderella too busy scrubbing floors to find a castle to live in......I Think I NEEEED to do an editing class! LOL:) Or visit you! Now, that would be MUCH more fun;) ROCKED that page.....stitched circles, arrows and clouds. 3 of my favourite things......& YUP! I want Julie Andrews in your Park next, !!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, phun with Photoshop! Pretty phabulous!!! Seriously, Sharon, isn't it wonderful that there's no limit to creativity?

  7. LOVE your layout! Happy birthday to Katie, who is obviously beautiful inside and out.

  8. I love your layout, Sharon! And, how wonderful for you and Katie that you all got to spend her special birthday together!! She is truly a lovely young woman. I know what you mean about them growing up. My baby is a 31 year old young woman and I can't believe it!
    I love your Photoshop edits! My husband and I are taking a Photoshop Elements class and I haven't been able to do what you're doing!! It's fantastic! We're only 3 weeks in, so maybe we'll get to your level. It looks like you're having a great time with it!
    Take care, my friend. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy you liked the card I did. It's fun to play around.

  9. Fabulous layout, happy birthday to Katie, I am glad you had a fun family time together with the birthday girl. You are not just a great scrapper, you are awesome at photographic and photo editing too, the photos you show really deserved a big WOW!

  10. A gorgeous, happy and bright page! Happy Birthday to Katie too! Beautiful, beautiful photo' have the touch girl! ;-)

  11. Gorgeous layout and such a lovely family! Your girls are growing up so fast! So pretty! Well done using up your stash and thanks for joining us at Scrap Our Stash!

  12. Beautiful layout as always Sharon! I love that idea of using what you already have - something I need to do more of for sure! Your daughter looks beautiful and your family photos are so heartfelt...and I LOVE LOVE your edited photos!!!! Amazing!!! I'm sure you are really enjoying that're so right, the possibilities are endless! my favourite has to be the night skyline.... have a great week, hugs, Lisa xo

  13. Oooooh, I LOVE that haunted picture especially! AND Happy Birthday to your "baby!" WONDERFUL that you got to spend it with her - AND that you have an amazing layout using the photos. I LOVE the idea of the inspiration board as inspiration and LOVE what you did with it! xoxo

  14. Oh my goodness your edited photos are just fabulous! Happy Birthday to Katie. I can't believe she's growing up so fast. Thank you for sharing your scrapbook page with us, it's absolutely adorable.

  15. awesome photos and LO,your daughter looks like a lovely young woman and has your beautiful smile

  16. Hello Sharon!! Happy Belated birthday to Katie!! Time is flying by for sure with my kids too. Kristin will be home in one month from today, YAY!! I can't wait to see her and talk to her face to face!! What a great celebration for Katie's bday, so happy you could all be together. She looks pretty in the picture and adorable as a baby.
    WOW, you have learned a lot, had no idea you could do that with pictures, how fun!! Keep up the good work and share more with us.
    The layout is so pretty, love the colors and sketch you used. Came together just right as always my talented friend.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's cold here now, had to turn the heat on all day today and pull out the winter gloves my hands were so cold outside. BOO! When will spring come and stay, lol.
    Take care, sending hugs for you and family!!
    YES!! Watching The Middle helps me get through my week, lots of laughs for sure.

  17. Such a great page and awesome story! Fabulous pictures!! You are talented! Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Our Stash!

  18. Inspiring layout, (love the use of pink here, the design and the way you played the sketch) ... lovely results ... Sharon and I love the pictures too


  19. Gorgeous layout and I love how clever you are with the photoshop!!

  20. Your layout is soooooo sweet!
    And how lovely that your gal got to spend her special birthday with family!
    I love your photoshopped photos...they are super cool!

  21. Wonderful take on the sketch challenge and great job with the photoshop edited pictures. Thank you for joining us at Scrap Our Stash.

  22. Great job! Thanks for joining the Scrap Our Stash Challenge!

    ~Robin Redd
    Scrap Our Stash Design Team

  23. Such a beautiful scrap of your visit! Love that aqua and pink palette to bits and pieces! Oh, and happy birthday, Katie! And way to rock your photo edits! Wow! I totally need to learn some of those techniques! So cool!

  24. lovely layout. beautiful photo edits. happy belated to katie.

  25. Another gorgeous layout . Happy 21st to your Katie and your photo's are fabulous. I don't have the patience for Photo shop I am afraid


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