Friday, January 24, 2014

My favorite projects from 2013!

Good morning!

I just shared my favorite projects from 2013 over at "Ideas for Scrapbookers."
If you have a minute, check it out here:

Ideas for Scrapbookers

Thanks and have a wonderful day everyone!
Stay warm!!!


  1. Hello Sharon, I saw them and loved them. You have a great style in scrapbooking. So nice to see the art you made from our class too, loved those pages you picked!
    It is going to be cold, hoping the kids will have school even in the cold. I've had a cold now almost a week and my blogger still isn't working. The pipe is fixed and now Rich's car broke down, I'm hoping this is the last of broken things for a long time.
    Take care and hugs for you and everyone, hope your mom is doing well. Happy weekend!

  2. Hi There, I have just popped over and seen what you put on IFS. It is lovely to go back and have a look at some of our fav creations from the year.. they are all so wonderfully created.. and it is amazing how colors can reflect moods.. love the first 4 canvas's.. I hope you have a good weekend!!

  3. Good morning Sharon;
    I went on there site check indicated.
    Beautiful pages you have chosen,
    but I'm sure other super creative were left out.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. The class on emotions must have been fantastic to do. The first two are my favourites and then out of your layouts I can't pick one , they are all gorgeous!

  5. It is great getting to see your works throughout the year....lots of different, really wonderful pages, lots of creativity! I hope you're doing OK too, with all the crazy winter weather I'm reading about! Stay safe!

  6. Beautiful projects you shared! Loved the lone card and your art journal is gorgeous!! :)

  7. I have just been scrolling through your blog......your layouts are so beautiful and such a happy, warm blog! Off now to check out your other creations.....I bet they are fantastic!!

  8. You're very talented my friend. Your art journaling proves that!

  9. Sharon you have such a lovely and beautiful style!! I see it back on all your amazing artwork. Even from an emotion hate you make out a wonderful and beautiful masterpiece of art work.
    I have to say I my favorite one´s are your scrapbook page, because I am a scrapper to. Mixed media I like, but don´t do myself. Your scappages always brings out a lot of creativity and than I can´t wait to scrapbook again.

    With love from The Netherlands,

  10. Love your style - you really have style! Thanks too for all your lovely comments on my blog! Hugs, Valerie

  11. Such gorgeous work! I love watching the way you express yourself and seeing your beautiful family grow!Thanks for sharing!

  12. That was brilliant! I loved it - and your layouts are beautiful - I especially loved January. Thank you for your sweet visit too - you are always so good to me! xoxo

  13. That was fun! I am so glad you sent us to that resource- I think it will come in handy when my scrapping mojo is low and I just can't figure out what I want to do with my pages. Thanks- and stay warm!

  14. Just checked them out, they are AWESOME!!!

  15. Love it so my friend your Magnificent eyes! design's
    big hugs carla


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