Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome October!

Good Morning Everyone!  Welcome October!
. . . and with it, I welcome a new Color Me Scrappy challenge:

Challenge #47's color scheme and sketch are wonderful:

 Perfect for your fall photos!  And here is my take:

 I scrapped a photo that was taken during Karen's and my birthday weekend last year!  Which just so happens to have been yesterday!  Happy birthday to my twin sister and very best friend!

To celebrate, I want to share some photos of us over the years:

 As babies - I don't know how my mom told us apart:

At Christmas:

up at West Point:

Last year:

And one taken last night after we went out to dinner:
Notice we wore the exact same top without planning it.  That happens to us all the time! 
And I don't think either one of us has changed much over the years!

Here are some close ups of my layout:

 This Color Me Scrappy challenge runs through October 14, 2013, and the twist this time is to use the sketch as a basis for your page.  They are also holding a design team call, so head on over to their blog to check it out!
P.S.  I gave this layout to my sister as part of her birthday scrapbook!

I also want to share some recent photos with you:

These were taken at Peddler's Village this past Saturday:

 They have a scarecrow festival going on right now!  It was so much fun to see all of the different versions:

the flowers were just beautiful:

                                            All of the shops are decked out for Halloween:

I love candles!!

And our favorite scarecrow:

Have a wonderful 1st day of October everyone!  Our backyard was very cool this morning:

And as always, thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Happy October to you too, and I hope you have had a wonderful birthday as well.. Would you believe that I have bought clothes that my mum or sister has bought too so it must be a genetic taste thing!!! Love your layout, those colors are wonderful autumn colors... great photos too.. have a great week!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving the photos and love love love love your lo!!! LOVING the colors, the bricks and loveeeeee the burlap!!!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! So fun seeing the photos of you and your sister! Super cute layout too!

  4. Happy birthday! I love the layouts and seeing the great pictures of you with your twin. So funny that you accidentally matched, but I suppose it makes sense that what looks good on one of you would look good on the other. :)

  5. How cool!! :) I love the layout and pics of you and your sister ... and that scarecrow festival looks so fun!! :)

  6. What a fabulous family LO, Sharon!! You and your sister still look a lot alike!! How wonderful to have her in your life. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos, too. That sunset is spectacular! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  7. Happy day after your birthday, Sharon! I hope you enjoyed your day. Your layout is stunning!!! All the fabulous details and texture are amazing, especially that brickwork. WOW! What a beautiful sight to see first thing in the morning. I leave for work at 5:30AM and the first sight I see it the moon and the stars.

  8. Hey- Happy Birthday! MIne is in September, too- I think September people are the best!
    Love your LO- the brick wall paper and the burlap add just the right touch to your photos.

  9. My favorite picture of the 2 of you is at Christmas (looks like you were about 12?) Happy October. Love the brick work on your layout.

  10. Love your layout and the photos are so much fun! :D

  11. I'm not a twin so I'll never "understand" it but it must be amazing! Like wearing the same top without planning, it's kinda mysterious to me :) The color scheme is beautiful and I think your page is too....love the bricks!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! Love your layout and all your photos. Hope you had a great day.

  13. Happy belated birthday Sharon! Hope your day was fabulous!
    I adore this layout, especially the background and all the burlap.
    Pretty cool about you and your sister. Love it when you share photos.
    So much fun!

  14. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND AND YOUR SISTER TOO!! I love that you have a fall birthday, how lucky for you. Happy you spent it with your sister and THRILLED to see these pictures of you two. How funny that you had matching shirts on, so awesome.
    I told you before my sisters are twins, totally fraternal though and I loved taking care of them as babies and still do today. I love being the big sister and only wished to have had a brother too.

    YAY for having a layout here, so pretty and the color theme is perfect for fall. LOVE what you did with the page, so talented you are.

    What a fun little place to go visit too, love seeing fall/Halloween decorations in all the stores now. This looks like a fun place for sure.

    So glad you posted today, have missed you!! Thanks for the beautiful comment on my blog this morning, made my day! My thumb is doing better but still being careful not to hit it on anything. I hope to have more fall art to share with you this month too. Oh and no pumpkins in our garden this year, we planted them to late so sad about that.

    LOOOOOVE that sunset picture, STUNNING!!
    Take care and hugs for you and sister too!

  15. Hey Denise!!! Right back atcha:):):) And a big HAAPY BIRTHDAY.... Fab timeline of photos there...& I ADORE your page....lovely splasheds of colour there....just my cuppa tea:):):)

  16. Now...where did Denise come from???!!!! I MEANT. Sharon:/:/:/!!!!!!!:):):))))

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your layout , it is stunning. And thank you for sharing your photo's , love how you both wore the same top without even planning it.

  18. Oh my goodness...what a gorgeous layout and gorgeous photos! So jealous of the Fall you guys have there. I can live through your photos!

    And Happy Birthday!!!

  19. This was the most delightful blog post.....thank you for sharing us all these childhood photos and memories, Sharon! I've always wanted a twin sister by the way :) And thanks for stopping by my blog too. Of course, you also know how much I LOVE your layout.....always a treat to stop in here!

  20. Great pics of your trip, Sharon! LOVE your page! That brick is perfectly delish, and such a beautiful take on the inspiration combo!

  21. I absolutely LOVE your layout. The brick paper is fantastic and the burlap is awesome! The photos of the two of you are wonderful. It must be so neat to have a twin. Your fall photos are so lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh wow. Such a beautiful layout - the textures are amazing!
    Happy belated birthday to the two of you! Love that you wore the same top without planning! How fun it must be to have a twin sister!

  23. Sharon, what a wonderful post! I had no idea that you have a twin sister! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the sun is shining on both of you! Big hugs :)))

  24. Happy birthday Sharon. How awesome to be twins. I love your photos. Your layout is gorgeous. I love all the texture.

  25. Hello! Happy Birthday to you and your sister!

    Great take on the color/sketch challenge. I love the weathered look and how you used the "bricks."

  26. Hi Sharon, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  27. Oh wow, you really rocked the challenge, Sharon! Your layout is amazing! Love it! And happy belated Birthday! Hope it was wonderful!

  28. What a beautiful inspiration here.
    Halloween fun for you!-My desires.
    It is always a joy when you pass by my blog too, thanks.

  29. Wow! That colour palette is stunning! Your page is page is gorgeous too!

  30. Oh wow...soooo love this page! It is just fabulous...the colouring is just fantastic, along with the added texture and photies! A definite favourite! A belated Happy Birthday to you and your sister...so very cool and love your photo's! ;-)


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