Thursday, October 11, 2012

You still have time . . . and some photos to share!

Hi everyone!

You still have time to participate in this week's Scrapping the Music challenges!!!

Song:  Riding with the Radio by Crystal Bowersox:


Whatever happened… Oh to good ol’ Rock n Roll
Whatever became of… mmmm.. Rhythm n Blues n Soul
I’ll do what it takes now… cause I just wanna make your mind feel good
(Cause) the .. that they play now… Oh it just don’t feel like it should
So open your heart
Open your mind
Turn down the hate
Turn up the kind
Give me some shelter
Show me some love
Let’s get together (cause)
One is not enough
If you wanna sing a song ya’ just sing it
We ain’t writing for the radio
You wanna bring a friend you just bring ‘em
Then we can sing it in stereo
You wanna sing a song
sing a song
sing a song Ooh just sing it
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah
I know I see kindness… mmm… when I look into your eyes
Why you try to hide it… oh Honey just let your love light shine
Get back to the roots now… of these rhythm and harmonies
and just love love love love love love!
[Chorus x2]


Prompt:  What's your favorite instrument?  Do you are someone you love play one?  Scrap about it!  Is there one you wish you could play?  Let's hear about it!

Come on out and play along!!!!


Oh, and here are some pictures that I took in our backyard last night of Anne and Kita:
I took these for a photography class that I am taking.  Gosh, I still have so  much to learn, I feel overwhelmed sometimes!!!!  

I just love that smile!!

We didn't get to the pumpkin patch yet - just bought a few fall things at Wegman's!
Anne loved getting up on the fence!
Here we tried a different perspective we me sitting on the ground.

Kita just had to get in on the action!!!

I think this one is my favorite!

Here's Kita again - saying "take my picture, mom!!!!"

I climbed up on the fence myself to take this one. You should have seen me!  LOL!!!!

YAY, it's over!!!!!

And one more - of just the flowers.  They don't complain that it is too cold!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I hope you all have time to get out and enjoy the fall weather since the sun came out yesterday!
(If you have a moment, please play along at STM!)


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Your photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  2. Your photos are stunning Sharon! Great job!!

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!.. As for an instrument I play? I bought a guitar, brand new, complete with DVD lessons. I absolutely LOVE it, and want to learn it, but it's very slow going. My home life is extremely busy, and finding the time to just pick it up and strum on it has apparently been difficult. Frankly, I feel so uncoordinated with it, that I'm not sure if I should be discouraged, and maybe face facts that this is just not right for me?... OR should I just keep practicing, because this is how EVERYBODY feels at first?? Maybe I'll journal about this tonight sometime. I've already entered the challenge once, but I can enter it again, right?... Whatever the case, love the song! Have a great day! ~tina

    1. Sure can, Tina! I just went to your blog to let you know!! I am looking forward to seeing your creation!!!

    2. Tina- hang in there with the guitar! It takes awhile before it stops feeling unwieldy in your hands. Just learn two or three chords that go together- C, D, A for example. You can play almost anything when you know three chords. Stay away from the F chord for awhile- it's a bar chord and feels so weird to play. Play a little bit every day so the calluses have a chance to build up on the fingers of your left hand- don't overdo it or they will hurt and make you want to avoid the guitar for days!
      Best wishes!

    3. Tina, I took guitar lessons on college and remember the feel of my fingers being SORE!!! You will do GREAT - just keep practicing!!!!

  4. Gorgeous fall photos!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  5. Absolutely DELIGHTFUL pics! LOVE them!

  6. Your favorite is my favorite too! Have a great weekend!

  7. beautiful serie of pictures Sharon

  8. Your photography and Anne's smile both SHINE!!! So nice to see Kita getting into the act too.


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