Saturday, October 13, 2012

Women's 5K Classic and Anne's first karate tournament!

Ever since the Women's 5K Classic began, 20 years ago, we have participated as a family.  My sister, Karen has attended every single race since it began 20 years ago!  WOW!!!!
(Just click on the image below if you want to find out more information about the Women's 5K Classic held in Allentown, PA every year!)

I went to the packet pick up/expo last night and re-laced my sneakers with my new pink shoe-laces!  I picked up my sisters' and daughter's packets.

We got to the race fairly early this morning and met these nice boys agreed to take our picture as a group! (They were so cute and funny!!!  Thanks, boys, for making our day!)

Here we all are:  Katie, me, Karen, Patty, and her friend and fellow survivor, Emily!
It was a very cold morning! The temps had gone down into the 20's the previous night!!!!  Brrrrrrrr . . .

It was so nice to have Katie (our Penn State college attendee!) walk with us!  She took Anne's place because we found out after we registered for the walk that Anne was going to participate in 
the karate tournament!

 It was a gorgeous, brisk morning:

The stage was beautifully decorated:

Red Robin was one of the sponsors:
Yummm  . . .

The survivors' parade:

I am a 20-year cancer survivor!!!!  YAY!!!!!  Emily is a 2-year cancer survivor!!!!  YAY!!!!

I want to share this excerpt  from the 5K Classic web page:  "Every time our cancer survivors line up for the Survivor Parade to the raspy-voiced and poignantly-worded anthem by Melissa Etheridge, "I Run for Life", a current runs rampant around the staging area through the event as it seems we all become electrified with the "moment". The emotions completely take over and tears of joy, elation, sadness, are unabashedly shed. It is at this exact moment that the promise of making a difference – however big, however small - in the lives of the women around us becomes apparent. It is why the event continues to grow and thrive and generate such power."

(There I am in the lower left hand corner with the pink head-band on!)

The pre-race activities were amazing, moving, and fun!

They auctioned off this beautiful quilt:

A beach ball party was enjoyed by everyone:

We were having fun being silly and dancing along to "YMCA"

Karen ran the 5K:

The rest of us walked:

Kids of all ages were there to cheer their moms on:

It was such a beautiful park!

Motorcycle riders from the Lehigh Valley Harley Owners Group attend every year to help block traffic and cheer the participants on:

Dogs (all decked out in pink) were there:

 I loved seeing the sea of pink among the beautiful green trees:

Here we are walking back:

Such a gorgeous day and park:

Patty got Emily a sign this year!!!!  You go girl!!!!
 Way to go, Patty, Karen, Emily, and Katie!!!!!  Thank you for making this day special and fun!


 And while all of this was going on, Anne was participating in her VERY FIRST karate tournament!  
John took these photos with his i-phone:

 Hurray for Cole and Anne!!!! (both from Action Karate Nazareth!) We are so proud of both of you!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.  I hope you are all having a nice weekend!


  1. Ah, you are great! Love the balloon shots. Katie looks great and way to go Annie! Glad you had a pretty day!

  2. Soooooooo awesome! What a great event!! I loveeeeeeeeee all the photos!!!!!

  3. a steller day for the Fritchman family!

    congrats to Anne! what an awesome achievement! coolest trophy ever!

  4. congrats on the walk and on your 20 years! and congrats to Ann on her success as well

  5. That is so awesome! Congrats on 20 years and good job, Anne!

  6. What a great day for everyone! What an amazing time you had at the race connecting with so many people near and dear to your heart - congrats on 20 years, and to Ann for her successful first tournament!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


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