Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scrapping the Music: a new format!!!!

I am late posting these layouts due to a Disney vacation (yay!) and a big computer problem (boohoo!) I have missed visiting your blogs so much!!!  And we got our computer up and running, for now, at least, so I want to let you know the following:  Scrapping the Music has a new format!!!  We will have TWO challenges for you, and we are moving from weekly challenges to bi-weekly challenges again, to give you more time! We're calling this weeks challenges: Challenge #196A and #196B.

Here's how the new format works:

The first challenge is a song - just like always. And the second challenge is a prompt. You can choose to create something based on the song or the prompt! Or, if you are feeling ambitious - feel free to do both!

Here are my layouts:
Challenge #196A:
SONG:  Michelle chose this fun song. She first heard Matt Urmy when she was traveling in Northern Minnesota.  When she heard his name, she kept it in her head so she could look him up when she got home. She did a youtube search and I found the song  "The Time Song!" 

Here is my take:

I scrapped the lyric "Time blows your mind" because we just got Katie's graduation pictures back. I am overwhelmed by just how fast times flies by!!!

The second challenge is 196B:

PROMPT: Scrap (or journal or whatever you pick!) about a concert you've gone to. It could be recent or a long time ago. It could be one you loved or one you hated. Or it could be one that you've always wanted to go to!

I think having prompts is such a fun idea and I loved scrapping this one! I have attended lots of concerts, but one that really stands out for me is the Bruce Springsteen concert that I went to during my junior year of college. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played at the Spectrum in Philadelphia during their "Born to Run" tour. I was 20 at the time, and blown away by Springsteen's music, energy and emotion, and by his stage presence. Afterwards, I ran out and bought every album he had made (there were 3 at the time!) and played them over and over again!

So please come on over and join us at Scrapping the Music - you still have a little time to create a page or two!


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeee them both!! SOooooooooooooo wonderful!! Loving the butterflies on the first one....and love love love love The Boss!!!! Sooooooooooo cool you got to see him in concert!!

  2. Disney FL or Disney CA??? B/C if you were in Cali, I would have come to meet you! Even if it meant driving 7 hours!!! LOL!

    I think you ROCK! You did both the prompt and the song! WOW! Good memories to get down for posterity's sake!

  3. Sounds like a fun vacation...sorry about the computer mess...glad you are back posting. LOVE these FANTABULOUS los! BOTH are GORGEOUS!

  4. Oh Sharon--hope you're computer fixed. I'm lovin the picture(s) of Katie and the Springsteen is pretty neat.

  5. Oh this sounds like a fun challenge!!! I love your take on the song!! Time sure does fly... The concert page I actually think I have some pictures when my kids were little!! I think I might just have to dig them out!!
    Thanks for the inspiration:)

  6. So sorry about the computer......boooooo. :( But I'm glad you got to go on a wonderful Disney vacation!
    I love both of your layouts, they are super! The Springsteen layout is my absolute fave, is fantastic!! I love all of the details, and the tickets..perfect!

  7. Hi Sharon!! So good to see your new pages and hear you had a Disney vacation! That's always a good excuse to miss some scrapping;) Your pages are totally different yet both wonderful! I love the soft feel about the passage of time on your first page and the energy and fun vibe from your second...gorgeous job!!

  8. I hope your Disney vacation was super fun! I love your new layouts. The butterflies on the "time" page are awesome.


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