Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sewing Day! (from 12/3/11)

My good friends Lisa and Barbarann graciously invited me along to one of their sewing days!  I practically begged to come along because I wanted to learn how to sew an up cycled T-Shirt dress!  We got together at Lisa's home the first weekend in December, last year.  I know, that was almost 2 months ago!!

Barbarann was the first to discover the up cycled t-shirt dress on ETSY.  She purchased an amazing one for her daughter, and we all absolutely LOVED it.  She and Lisa got together and made a couple of dresses for their daughters.  The dresses are beautiful and very cute!  So, I asked (well, begged!) to come along to their next sewing day. 

Here is an example that I found:

Anne, who really isn't into wearing dresses, thought this t-shirt dress was pretty cool.  She came with me to purchase the t-shirt for her dress, and the rest of the material.  I felt like an idiot at the fabric counter because I had NEVER purchased fabric before! 

We got 1/2 yard each of red and blue t-shirt material,  and a t-shirt with a penguin and Christmas tree lights. 

When I got to Lisa's home, she showed me all of the amazing t-shirts she had purchased at her local thrift store, along with the jersey material she had.  She graciously gave me some material from her stash for Anne's dress.  Thank you SO MUCH, Lisa!!

Barbarann, being the amazing photographer that she is, brought her camera along.  Here are the photos that she took from our fun day.  But, I don't have any photos of her - sorry BA!
Here is my dress, after I cut out the material from the pattern and we laid it out on the floor. That red material was from an old t-shirt that Lisa purchased from the thrift shop. Cool, huh?

We used the word "sparkle" from the sleeve of the t-shirt and I sewed it onto the back of the dress. It looks adorable!  Thanks Lisa, for the great idea!

Lisa set up her craft table in her living room and that's where we worked. Look at Lisa's beautiful Christmas tree!

Lisa taught me how to use her serger sewing machine.  Her serger really gave us that finished look to our dresses. Lisa told me that it is a treasure to her as it was given to her by her beloved grandmother!  She always thinks of her when she uses it.  That is such a wonderful memory!


OK, here is Anne in her dress:

And at her Tap dance recital - they didn't have to purchase costumes!  So, she had a great dress to wear:  YAY!

Thanks once again, Lisa and BA, from the bottom of my heart!!!!!  Such fun memories!


  1. How cute are you!!! and Anne!! :)

  2. How fun!!! And you made it on my birthday!! lol!!! I love how it turned out!! It's ADORABLE! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. That dress is adorable Sharon! Well done :) And so nice to complete a project like that with the help of sweet friends.

  4. WHA....???? That is AMAZING!!! I don't think I could do that. I mean, I've sewed before, but never T-shirt fabric because it does all that weird rolling and raveling...
    This is just too cute. I love the T- shirt Anne chose.
    I can just see the scrapbook LO now... :->

  5. Very neat! The photo sequence is fun, especially the one of the tap dancers!

  6. That is my fav kind of project...hand made with love! Now you can share some of your awesome papercrafting skills with BA and Lisa :)

  7. This dress is so adorable! Woo Hoo you got to learn something new and spend some time bonding with your daughter.


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