Friday, February 4, 2011

There's no crying in nursing!

Yesterday and the day before were just awful at work. I am a nurse in a cardiology office. We started a new electronic medical record system and some of the doctors are having a hard time with it. Not only do they HATE the new system, but they also had trouble getting to work with the icy roads. So needless to say, they lashed out at me, the only nurse in our satellite office. My usual "broad" shoulders felt very small on Wednesday, and I actually cried TWICE because of their stinging words. But today I giggled thinking about Tom Hank's line "There's no crying in baseball." I guess there's no crying in nursing, too!

Here are some more snow and ice photos:

(Something we've been seeing WAY too much of!)


  1. Poor, Sharon! No one should have been mean to you! I hope you are staying warm in all that snow!

  2. *hugs* Sounds like its not you, its the system, you just get the bad end of the stick on that one! Hope today is much better for you!

  3. aww Sharon thats terrible,your photos are great but it loks so cold...i could do with that heer i am sitting under aircon its so hotPS...your music did it again:_)))

  4. Hi Sharon,

    So very excited to meet you two! I spoke with Barbarann lsat week and hopefully the big plans are underway and we will have a date secured very soon.

    Stay warm and be safe out there.... looks like another ugly day in the Lehigh Valley!



    BTW, hope things get better at work with the new system!

  5. Unfortunately that's typical. I have a lot of nurses in my family and when the doctors aren't having a good day... NO ONE DOES! Sigh. You didn't deserve that Sharon. I hope that they get used to the system soon so your days at work go better. I love your photos of the snow. I'm totally with you on being sick of the cold and snow.

  6. Hope you have a better week this week! Awesome wintery photos! GroundHog predicts an early Spring :)

  7. Snow! It's so pretty, and so dominating at the same time. I'm sorry the doctor's forgot to "use their words" appropriately. Nurses are far too important and far too intelligent and intuitive to take for granted like that. Yes, I really believe so.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying what I see on yours as well; even more blog recommendations, too!

  8. Sharon~ Doctors...there are some nice ones out there...then there are the rest. I like to use the "sorry ..I am just a nurse" to those who are not so nice...(after a while..they figure that niceness wins out). You could mention..that the whole reason that the hospitals are going to "computerized" their fault. When was the last time you could read a Physician's order (unless it is a woman doctor)? I don't remember learning translation in Nursing school. So obviously some nurse out there said...hey (to her techy honey) can you come up with a computerized I can read the orders I am to follow...LOL
    Hope that is good for a laugh! Have a great day, and thanks for the blog love.
    Omg...all the songs playing...I know them...LOL

  9. Well hopefully the fun we had Fri night made up for it!! SOOOO glad the 3 of you were able to make it!!! LOVE you guys!!!!!!!!!


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