Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Little Word!

Good morning everyone!  Welcome 2015!  I am so sorry that I have not been to my blog in a month.  It has been a very busy holiday season for us, with lots going on every day.  I hope you all had a wonderful one!  And I would like to wish you all a very happy and blessed new year!!

I have a special reason for being here.  Today is reveal day at Challenge YOUrself And Lynn has an amazing challenge for us- it's One Little Word as follows:

"Challenge YOUrself #14: One Little Word
Choose a word that you will focus on and reflect upon all through the year and create a layout that celebrates your chosen word.
Remember to include YOU in the photo :)

One Little Word was created by Ali Edwards and is defined as a word that you invite into your life and let it speak to YOU.  You focus on and reflect upon this word as you go about your daily life.  There's no right or wrong word.  The main thing to remember is that it is YOUr word."

This year I picked the word RELEASE.  
Here is my layout:

 with some close-ups:

I saw that this month's "One Little Word" is RELEASE so of course I am entering my layout there, too. Check out their blog here!

I used a photo taken by my daughter, Katie, of Karen and me with our cameras on Christmas day.

I love this photo and thought it was perfect for my layout.  I also used more paper from the "All that Glitters" collection from Webster's Pages.

Finally, I used a new stamp that was part of my winnings from last month's Once Upon a Sketch challenge - it is a rubber stamp made by Designs by Ryn!

In addition, I am very excited to be taking a new year-long Life Book class!

I did my first warm up lesson using my new one little word:

 . . . and I will leave you with some photos that I took during a magical photography class that Karen and I attended in Bethlehem, PA during the month of December.

Under the bridge:

Bethlehem, PA, at dusk:

The police on horseback:

A beautiful church:

Photographer Karen(my twin sister!!) in the Hotel Bethlehem:

A welcoming staircase:

The Moravian Stars:

The Hotel Bethlehem sells Creamery ice cream!

The Hotel Bethlehem still has it's old phone:

Apples for the guests to enjoy:

And you could take a magical carriage ride:

And a view of the Hotel Bethlehem by night:

That's it for now!  I have lots more photos to share, so stay tuned . . .

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  Thank you all so much for stopping by my blog!


  1. Beautiful post Sharon such gorgeous images, love the light in your images and the old phone. Release is a wonderful word and your spread is amazing, love the freedom which the birds show flying free and high.

    Have a wonderfully creative and inspirational 2015 :-) xxx

  2. Wow this is wonderful...;i love your photos too :)

  3. What a marvellous illustration of your word. Love the way the birds are flying and the stars, and I really like the way you've used the red and black trims.
    I also very much like your photographs, my favourite is the one of the church.
    All the best for 2015.

  4. See, the problem is I ALWAYS get confused with the 2 challenges...I think I discovered them about the same time....& here you go putting them in the same post.....for a similar idea...EEEEK! My head is done in totally!!!! Looooove that photo of you guys snapping happily--- & ADORE the artsy page. Totally brill. Best of all - TFS your photos.....seen em on FB, but they're so much better here...can see all the detail. Loooove!!!!

  5. Hello Sharon, so happy to see this today, it's is Wednesday and you know what that means. Yes, The Middle is on tonight and it's new, YAY!! But seriously, so happy to see posting. Have missed you and pretty layouts and pictures. I love your OLW Sharon, what a great one to carry into the year. I hope it does amazing things for you friend. How awesome that you are painting again, great class for you to be inspired with too. Love this page! How lovely the pictures are, that church one is so peaceful and pretty. Sounds like you have been having fun, glad to hear that.
    I have started my new album and wrapping up my DD and PL for last year. We just had a snow day today, uuggg. I told hubby we are getting to wimpy, we never had snow days. Happy New Year, blessings to you this year! HUGS!

  6. I love love love your lo! LOVING the birds and your OLW!! And GORGEOUS photos too!!!!!

  7. Hi There! I really love your OLW layout, that is such a freeing word and I hope you get to release your inner creativity in many ways this year.. I love all the birds flying free.. and your photos are stunning, I really find evening photos harder, but these are superb!! and enjoy your year course, I hope you share some of your journey, It would be nice to be inspired by it.. have a happy day!

  8. Both of your "release" layouts are beautiful! I'm so glad that our challenge happened to match your word for the year - how fun is that?!!! Thanks so much for playing along with OLW!

    P.S. Your photos blow me away as always!!!

  9. I have been meaning to pop over to your blog and say Hi for ages. So glad I did tonight. Love your layout, very cool. I will be looking forward to seeing your work in the Life Book Class ( I think that is how your blog first caught my eye) and I love your photos, thank you for sharing then. I have to have a think about my word for this year yet. hmmmmm. Wishing you a wonderful year, filled with everything good. I

  10. Wow Sharon - I love your layouts when you silhouette the photo. And fab photos once again - I'll be back to see the rest!

  11. I missed you my friend...I am so glad that you had a wonderful holiday season. Love your word and the page is just perfect to release your word.

  12. WOW! This might be my all-time favorite of your layouts. Absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful choice for OLW.

  13. GREAT lo Sharon! I love the whole concept ad you have done an amazing job with it....I am so jealous of your photography class...I would so love to do something like that...your photos are so beautiful...and that purple one of the church? it's breathtaking, just glorious....wishing you a happy healthy totally creative New Year! hugs, Lisa xo

  14. Hi Sharon,amazing LO and your photos are awesome...I had sad news this week so a little flat

  15. What a striking layout, and I just adore all those beautiful pics! TFS!

  16. Beautiful photos! You have a twin --- that's awesome.

  17. Gorgeous photo's, as always Sharon! They make me long for Christmas again and the family festivities! It just came and went, faar too quickly! Your page is gorgeous and is so perfect with your OLW...release...the perfect design! Blessings and love to you in 2015...xx

  18. I just love your take on the word "Release!" I hope you'll join us again at OLW for "Sing!" Maybe you can "release" your inner voice! :)

  19. After viewing your layout, I feel like releasing! Lovely layout

  20. Such an expressive layout - well done. Love that birds stamp. And I enjoyed the snapshots as well.

  21. Your layout is lovely and as always, I enjoy your beautiful shots!

  22. Release is an fantastic word. Both your pages are absolutely amazing! Love the fun whimsical feel of the first one and the colors and background on the second one. Your photos are always so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing =)

  23. the photos on your blog are always so amazing. i love how inspirational they are. love the layouts as well.


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