Monday, April 8, 2013

Signs of Spring!

Good Morning everyone!  Our temperatures are going to be in the 70's today!  It seems long coming, but I think Spring is finally here!  I went for a walk yesterday and found lots of signs of spring.  Do you want to come with me to see what I saw? If you do, follow me . . .

The first sign of Spring that I saw was as I was walking down our driveway: greens are starting to peak through the rocks:

 A little way down our road, I saw crocuses in bloom:

As I came upon the fields, vibrant greens were evident around bare trees:

 If you look closely, you can even see green starting to show around the barn and pond, which is down our road a little more:

The fields have been tilled and something green is starting to grow in even rows:

 Tiny little blue flowers are showing their smiling faces in the fields:

 Ahh . . . my favorite Spring flowers, daffodils:

And all kinds of beautiful Spring flowers:

As you can see, this home is decorated beautifully for Easter:

And, as I headed toward home, I was struck by how pretty the view is.  
And all of the greens growing in the fields:

And when I arrived home, I saw the most famous sign of Spring: a robin!  
He was singing to me from the neighbors' tree.  Can you see him?

I love Winter, but I love the changing seasons more.  I can't wait to see what Mother Nature has in store for us in the next few months.  Spring is here!!!!

And lastly, as I promised yesterday, here is a layout that I made using Anne's picture from Easter Sunday.  (Once again, I used papers from the Echo Park "So Happy Together" collection.)

Thank you all for taking the time to come visit me today.  Enjoy the coming Spring!!!!!


  1. Love seeing all your Spring photo's, we are going into winter Here, I am a Spring/Summer girl myself and daffodils and jonquils are two of my favourite flowers as they herald that Spring is on its way. I must say Autumn is very pretty where I live though. Gorgeous layout oh and I love the photo of the Robin in the tree

  2. Loveeeeeeeeee the photos and your lo!!! LOVING the colors and those little houses!!

  3. Thank you for sharing how beautifully new life is starting with Spring. Your layout is awesome.

  4. Hooray!! Spring is definitely here :). It is such a wait, I heard. You have a beautiful neighborhood, I would love to roll in the fields like naughty children!. Or, maybe read a book :). Your photos make me smile too, especially that tiniest blue flowers. I thought I might have seen them here too :). Enjoy the coming warm days :). HUGS.

  5. Beautiful photos. Would have loved to have been on that walk with you. Just lovely. Your layout is so sweet. I love the way you worked with that scene paper. Can't believe how grown up Anne is!

  6. Yay spring! I've been in Boston for the past few days and we finally got sun and temps in the 60's today! Your photos make me happy and I think that scene you've created on your layout is so adorable! Well done!

  7. Oh, Sharon, I just adore the way you've carried the images and textures in your photograph right into the page design! Absolutely fabulous! And your signs of spring are scrumptious! It'll be here soon!

  8. Beautiful photos, Sharon! Such a beautiful area! Love the beautiful LO!! So cool how you made it look 3D!

  9. I can't get over how tall she's gotten! Love the page and all your photos!

  10. Well, enjoy your spring weather Sharon!
    Love your sweet layout!:)

  11. Aah...Spring! I love this time of year. Thank you for taking us on your walk with you...but we didn't have to excercise! :) Wonderful layout of Ann!

  12. I love your Spring photos Sharon! It's so great to hear that the plants are peeking through and the temperature is going up. Anne's layout looks amazing! You're right, she's growing up so quickly. She's quite a beautiful young lady!

  13. Spring!!! It has been a long time coming. 70's this week and then Friday we are in the 40's again! Crazy!

  14. Thanks for the lovely tour of spring sites! Your spring page is lovely too, with all the pastel colors and that adorable Easter portrait.

  15. Loved seeing all your pictures. Here spring is also coming, its about time. This winter stayed to long. Beautiful page you made also. Bye Carla

  16. Beautiful pictures and layout! It's very fun to see what spring looks like across the country.

  17. I Love your spring Photos, its so beautiful all, i love too trees and flowers.
    your LO is very amazing!!the composition and the photo of your daughter is very, very wonderful, i love it!!

    Hugs Jeannette


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