Friday, March 15, 2013

Our 23rd anniversary!

Last weekend, John and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  He surprised us (Katie, Anne, and me) with tickets to the Broadway show, Annie!  We were so excited to have Katie home with us for spring break, so John thought it would be fun to celebrate our anniversary with Katie and Anne in New York City!  It was so awesome that we got to spend time with Katie and Anne, while we enjoyed seeing the sights of New York.

Here are some of the highlights:

Here's the New York City skyline that I took from the window of the bus as we were driving into the city:

We were so lucky that we got a chance to see the revival of Annie:

Afterwards, we actually got to meet the very talented young lady who played Annie, and she was kind enough to pose for a picture with Katie and Anne:

Walking down Madison Ave was fun:

Can you see Anne all bundled up? - it was very cold and blustery!

Pigeons were everywhere:

We ventured inside the Plaza Hotel and saw this beautiful chandelier:

John got us reservations at a restaurant that he saw on the travel channel at this hotel:

Inside we found the small restaurant that serves delicious breakfasts, called Norma's:

Their menu was so full of awesome choices:

John picked the chocolate French toast that he had seen on the travel channel   Oh my goodness - he could not even finish this decadent delight:

Katie got peanut butter waffles:

And I ordered mango crepes:
They were all absolutely delicious!

Anne, being Anne, had one plain pancake with hot chocolate!
 But she loved her breakfast, too, and that's all that counts!

The lobby had a row of lights that look so pretty to me:

And here's Anne looking so cute as can be as she peered into the mirrored walls of the hotel lobby:

I took this photo as John and I looked into the mirrored walls, too!  On our 23rd anniversary!  I can't believe that we have been married for 23 years.

Thank you, John, for arranging this wonderful weekend for us and our whole family!  It is something that we will never forget!!!!!

So naturally, afterwards, I wanted to scrap the photo of the two of us!

I was so happy when I saw Heather Landry's sketch #34!  It's perfect for the photo that I want to scrap.

And I also used Color-Me-Scrappy's challenge #34's color scheme to make my page!

(This challenge runs through 3/30/12, so please stop by and check it out.)

Here is the layout I made using both Heather's sketch, and Color Me Scrappy's colors:

I had so much fun using these amazing colors and Heather's wonderful sketch! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.  I hope you are all enjoying your Friday.  I am so happy that it is almost the weekend! We have no plans this weekend and I know we will enjoy just hanging out together.

We were supposed to have sunny skies today, and it started out sunny, but now is cloudy, overcast, and very windy and cold.  I guess it's not time for Spring quite yet.  but John said that he did see his first robin this morning!  Yeah!!  Enjoy your day.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! 23 years is amazing!! I loved all the photos of your trip.. I've never been to New York. Your layout is so fun. I love all the details and how you worked with the sketch!!! Have an awesome weekend! We have no plans but to shovel all the snow we got in the last few days here, lol.

  2. Your John is definitely a keeper! It sounds like a wonderful trip and the photos are stunning. Thank you so much for applying your talent to my awesome sketch. I absolutely love what you came up with Sharon!!

  3. Awesome! Love it all. Faves: Annie & the mirror and Katie with her PB waffle! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Oh, happy, happy anniversary! Or, should I call it an "Annie"- versary?
    Anyway, it looks like a wonderful time. You guys are blessed!

  5. Happy Anniversary! wow looks like you had an amazing time in New York ( One of my husband's dreams to go there) , I wouldn't mind it either, we hope to go back overseas next year. He wants to go to Canada and New York, I want to go back to Europe, so we will see who wins, really I would be happy with either :)
    Your layout is gorgeous and such a lovely reminder of your anniversary. It is Autumn here in Australia now and the town I live in is really pretty at this time of year, all trees turn red and golden. I am thrilled to be working with you on colormescrappy. Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Happy ANNIVERSARY!! I love love love the photos from my NYC!!! GORGEOUS!! And the food looks amazing!! And your lo is soooooooo gorgeous! I love love love the colors and the arrows!!!

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! How wonderful to be married for 23 years, I love hearing stories like this. What a wonderful and sweet man John is to arrange this surprise for all of you. The pictures are amazing and beautiful, how fun for all of you!! What a neat idea to use the travel channel to inspire him to do this, those breakfasts looks so yummy!! I'm with Annie though and one plain pancake, my stomach doesn't like heavy foods in the morning, ha! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, totally made me happy and smile!!

    WOW, the layout is GORGEOUS!! I love the way you used the inspired colors and sketch in one layout. AWESOME JOB!!

    We are still waiting for spring too, just woke up to some snow again, uuuggg when will it stop!! Going out for a haircut today and hoping to start on my lessons for ME, always a little behind it seems.
    Have a great weekend, stay warm! HUGS!

  8. Happy anniversary! It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. I love that you included the girls in your anniversary and that you all had a wonderful time. I love the layout you made - so happy and celebratory!

  9. Your family is just so sweet! WTG John!! I loved all the photos Sharon! Such an awesome trip!

    Such a gorgeous LO with you too! Happy Anniversary! And Happy St. Patrick's day!

  10. 23 years is AWESOME! Happy anniversary to you and John! You two look so happy together in the pic - I love it! Thanks for bringing us along with you via photos. It looks like it was a wonderful day! And your layout is beautiful as always! Love those colors!

  11. happy anniversary. what a lovely time you must have had. love your layout. thanks for sharing.

  12. hey sweet friend so long happy anniversary with more years

    you did made such beautiful picture's to and your love it sooo beautiful!!!

  13. Big congrats on your anniversary! What a wonderful way to celebrate it. I love that you included the whole family. What a keeper John is. That's a pretty terrific present, I gotta tell ya! Beautiful layout. Love it, Sharon.

  14. Beautiful photos; trnsmite fun, joy ... I loved it!
    The layout is really amazing, I like both. :)

  15. What a fab celebration! Congrats!!!! LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!

  16. Congratulations, Sharon!!. What a great day out, great city tour pictures despite the cold :). Your little one is a cutie!. HUGS.

  17. COngratulations on your anniversary! You are an inspiration for your girls and everyone who meets you. Looks like you had a great time in NY- nice it is so close. Have a lovely Easter,

  18. Wow, I love your layout!! Looks like you had a fun trip too :) I'm jealous of the photo you took out of the bus window, every time I ride into the city I try to get a good one & I never seem to!


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