Saturday, October 20, 2012

Signs of Autumn . . .

It is definitely fall!  The temp is cool, the air is crisp, and leaves are swirling through the sky to the ground!

Here are the signs that fall is here at our home:

My Susan Branch Autumn book is proudly displayed.  
(Notice the extra photos that my sister, Karen, put in this book that she gave to me as a gift!)

We just got a countdown to Halloween this year:

I made this haunted house a couple of years ago:

Flags are displayed:

And pumpkins:

The leaves are definitely beautiful right now:

 The farm down the street from us:

Lots of corn fields ready to be harvested:

Wood piles are getting ready for the winter ahead . . .

Last weekend Anne, Aunt Karen, and I went to see Hotel Transylvania:

A very cute film!

Afterwards we stopped at Fresh Market which was all decked out for fall:
(I took the Fresh Market photos with my cell phone!)

Aunt Karen and Anne and me had a blast!!!

And one last photo of Anne and Kita . . . they are all set:

I hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are!  Thanks for stopping by my blog on this beautiful Autumn day.


  1. We have changing leaves, too, but it seems like in your area of the country the colors last longer and are more vibrant. I love the shot of your neighbor's farm- looks so peaceful!

    The picture of Anne & Kita- gorgeous. She clearly loves that dog!

    I love fall- thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Love love love love your home decor!!! LOVING the colors!!!!

  3. Oh Sharon, I loved your photos of the fields. Wonderful!
    I must say the little troll gave me a smile and reminded me of my childhood! We are in Spring here in Aus and it's only getting hotter. Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather..

  4. Just gorgeous!!! We have seasons, but not like this!!! Great colors and shots at the market! And ohmygosh! I can't wait to see what you do with that last pix of Anne and Kita! I think it also needs to go in a frame and put somewhere in your house...Love!

  5. like the picture of Annie and Kita!

  6. Awww, these are so beautiful, Sharon!! Wow! I love having the glimpse of fall in your lovely corner of the world. What a photographer you are. <3 been thinking of you, and hoping you are well.

  7. I love your photos of your neighborhood. I have to drive really far to see beautiful sites like that. Love the picture of Annie and Kita too. Happy fall!!

  8. Sharon...I Love all of your wonderful Fall photos and the cute little haunted house!

  9. Your photography is stunning as always and I have to say... that little house totally rocks!

  10. Wow, your photos are amazing. I need to take some lessons from you!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


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