Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years since 9/11 . . .

I want to share with you some pages that I have made over the years in honor and memory of those that died and fought for us on and since 9/11.

The first is a layout I made last year about the "Little Chapel that Stood:"
My twin sister bought the children's book for me after we visited Ground Zero for my birthday.  It was written by A.B. Curtiss.

My journaling reads as follows:
 Throughout history, St. Paul's chapel has offered comfort and spiritual guidance. The chapel opened for worship on October 30, 1766 and is where the first president of the United States, George Washington, worshipped. The brownstone chapel survived new York's great fire in 1776. It is Manhattan's oldest public building in continuous use, and it is the only remaining colonial church. Over the years, St. Paul's Chapel sat in the shadow of the towering World Trade Center towers. The entrance of the chapel was directly across the street from the towers, not more than 50 yards away.
When terrorists attacked the towers resulting in their collapse on September 11, 2001, St. Paul's Chapel miraculously survived, virtually undamaged. It became known as “The Little Chapel That Stood.”
It not only stood structurally, it stood spiritually. In the days, weeks, and months that followed the attacks, the chapel served as a relief center for the firefighters and rescue workers. The chapel provided workers with refuge, food, medical attention, space to rest, and a place to pray. The iron fence that surrounds the chapel served as a place for family members of missing victims to post photos and messages to their loved ones. St. Paul's Chapel was a gathering place for everyone who needed physical and emotional support following the worst terror attack in the history of this country.
As the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, St. Paul's Chapel is still a place were the memory of the victims of the attacks in honored. When you look at the altar inside the church, you look back at the faces of all of those whose lives were lost. Their photos remind us all of our terrible loss. The faces are of mothers, fathers, husbands & wives, and brothers & sisters. Many worked in the World Trade Center, but some went into the building while everyone else was trying to escape. That day, 2,753 people lost there lives in the World Trade Center. 343 of them were firefighters, 60 were police officers, and 8 were private emergency medical technicians and paramedics. The faces of these people are represented on the altar.
St. Paul's Chapel provides an island of peace, quiet, and serenity in the midst of turmoil. It has done this for 245 years! It stands as a quiet and compelling place in a chaotic world.

The second layout I would like to share with you was done for a Scrapping the Music song back in 2010 when Michelle asked me to be a guest designer for the first time on their blog.  
 The song was  "This is Home" by Switchfoot, and was the theme from "The Chronicles of Narnia" movie. I used artist Stephen Wiltshire's drawing of NYC - I scanned it and copied it onto my page.

And the last page I would like to show you is one I have shared before - I made it after my family visited Ground Zero.

We visited Ground Zero as a family 4 years after. It was a very emotional experience, full of tears and hugs. and prayers. Here is the layout that I made in 2005. The journaling reads: Many lives were lost on that September day. As our world stood still, and each of us prayed. Many people, just like you and me, gave their lives to set another one free. And on that day, when our world stood still, we all joined as one . . . in God's will.

"May all of us remember with love and compassion this day.
May we grieve with those who still mourn,
And share memories with those who cannot forget.
May we draw strength from those who bravely responded,
And gave their lives to save others.
May we stand with strangers who became neighbours that day,
And remember their generosity and hospitality.
Above all God may we remember your faithfulness
And learn to trust in your unfailing love."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my blog today.


  1. Thanks for sharing, you're layout is a beautiful honor and memory.

    I will never forget the moment when I heard it for the first that day and all the news on the TV that day.

    Love from The Netherlands,

  2. We were at Ground Zero the same year!!! I took Adam when he was 8!! I love love love love love your pages.... so touching and moving!!!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. Thanks, Sharon. I was on vacation in NYC in August of 2001- in fact, we got to go up on the top floor of the towers! The outside viewing was not open because it had rained and it was slippery, but I still remember peering through the windows at the Manhattan traffic, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building.
    The attacks felt personal and 11 years later, it is still hard to think about.
    I love your LOs- especially the first one. It offers hope in the midst of a world that is mired in darkness. I have a great photo of St. Paul's from that vacation- and in the background of the shot? The twin towers with the sun shining on them so brightly that they almost disappear from view. Sigh.

  4. SO emotional, so touching. Each of your LOs are unique and special. Love the sentiments and stories, Sharon. TFS~

  5. TFS your pages Sharon...each one of them so touching and meaningful! I will never forget...

  6. Particularly like the bottom layout and the poem.

  7. So many memories here. Beautiful pages to honor that day. ~ Blessings, Tracey


  8. Thank you so much for sharing these tribute pages. When I think about 9/11 pages that are touching and tastefully done, I always think about these that you've done!


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