Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nazareth Area High School Presents "Singin' In The Rain"

Katie's high school's theatre troupe's first performances of Singin' in the Rain were Friday and Saturday nights!  And "what a performance" they both were.  I was so impressed with the talent that these kids posses - the dancing, singing, choreography, sets, EVERYTHING was amazing! 

Here are some pictures that I took:

Katie, as Dora Bailey, the radio show host.  She helped greet guests on their way into the show!  Here she is greeting her sister, Anne!!!

 Here she is on stage.

Dora on stage with Cosmo Brown, Don Lockwood, and Lina Lamont.

Don meets Kathy.

Don and Lina filming "The Dueling Cavalier."

The diction coaches trying to help Lina and Don to film their first "Talking Picture."  Mr. Davis, the NAHS principal, was Don's vocal coach!

Don, Kathy, and Cosmo singing and dancing to "Good Morning."

Ryan as Don performing "Singin' in the Rain."  (You can't see it here, but it actually rained on stage!!!!!)  So Cool!

Tess as Lina singing "What's Wrong With Me?"

Gotta Dance!

The finale:  Singin' In The Rain reprise.

 The cast taking their bows.

Tess and Katie:  they have been good friends since middle school.

The END!!!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing this wonderful high school production of "Singin' In The Rain!" 
Thanks so much, everyone!!!!


  1. How fun!! I loveeeeeeeee all the photos!!

  2. Great pics! It looks fabulous. I love musicals and they're even better when you know someone in the cast!

  3. Oh, I love musicals. It looks like these kids had a blast singing and dancing!

  4. What great photos you got! Great job Katie!

  5. What FUN, Sharon! BIG APPLAUSE FOR MISS KATIE!!!! I know you're such a proud you should be! BIG HUGS to you!....Patty

  6. These ate fuch good photos esp for being inside in an auditorium. How adorable are all the kids?! I know you must be proud.

  7. I agree with Izzy! How on earth did you manage to get such GREAT photos?! Huge congrats to Katie for doing so very well. You must be so proud!!!

  8. Sharon, those photos and the play for high school are amazing! Wow, so impressed with Katie's talent and so glad she has a way of expressing herself. Love this!

  9. wow Sharon, What great photos. Those "kids" look like they were having so much fun!!! and you must be so PROUD of Katie. thanks so much for sharing this GREAT evening with us.

  10. Oh Sharon! What a proud moment for you! Looks like it was a wonderful production and wow on them using real rain! How cool is that! Thanks for always sharing those special moments with us! Hugs!


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