Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Corn Roast

My husband's family has an annual reunion every year on the second Saturday of August.  His family has been doing this for many, many years!  They call it the "Corn Roast" because they used to roast corn over an open fire in a pit the entire day.  The corn preparation has evolved to boiling it in large pots, the conventional, way, but no matter, it's still delicious! 
Here are some pictures that I took this year.

I have been married to John for 21 years and have enjoyed 20 corn roasts with him.  We only missed one, the year we moved from West Virginia to Pennsylvania.  A lot of the traditions have stayed the same, like the balloon toss and the candy hunt!

The kids really enjoyed the candy hunt, but the adults coach their kids to go for the "right" candy, so that they can enjoy it, too.

The best part for me, is seeing the youngest members
of the family grow up and meeting the newest members . . .

So Adorable!
And cute!

 And playing games:  I love the vintage buttons that John's aunt brings every year.  I may have to steal some for my scrapbook pages next year.

Here is a layout that I created using the pictures of Charlotte that I took during the rain shower.  she LOVED the rain, the mud, and the puddles.

I used a sketch from a site called Little Shop of Sketches.  Their blog is as follows: 
The sketch (sketch #92) that I used, was designed by Ashley: 

Thanks so much, Ashley!  If you feel inspired by her awesome sketch,
please join in the fun at their ning site:

Have a great Sunday everyone!!


  1. Another 21 years in Oct for us too! Time flies. How awesome that your husband's family does the reunion and that u r close enough to always go. Sharon, the pictures and LO are beautiful!

  2. That looks like an incredible event! How fun and how neat that you get to participate each year.

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeeee that idea about the corn roast!! HOW FUN!! I loveeeeeeeeee the photos.. and that lo is just GORGEOUS! Loveeeeeeee the photos and the butterflies! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. that is one HUGE family! how fun!!! and the corn pix of your dd is the best!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today and please don't be a stranger, 'kay?!

    : .)

  5. Your photos are fabulous, and I LOVE that layout, Sharon! And wowza...that IS a huge family!

  6. What a fun family event! Isn't it nice to live close enough that you can partake and connect with all the family...and get to know those "new ones". Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Gorgeous take on that fabulous sketch by Ashley! I love the colors you used and the photo is just precious! What a great family reunion-loved getting to see all your photos. We just went to the DH's family reunion and man, could they take some leasons on how to throw one from your family!

  8. What an awesome family tradition. This made me happy just thinking about it! I love all the pictures. You did a wonderful job capturing the day. I love the layout too. Great color combo.

  9. wow.. what a great post!
    Love all the family photos.. I'm a big believer in family..and I love capturing everything I can. What great memories you've created! I love your LO. No wait. .let me say that again I LOVE YOUR LO! I love how you did the sketch!! the butterflies and that bling and that scalloped circle.. great great job! Thank you for following.

  10. Wow! Those are some great family shots Sharon! :)
    The little ones are adorable! :)

    Love your gorgeous layout! So beautifully composed! :)


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