Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Girls, A Little Tea

2/29/11 addendum:
Here is the layout that I created using Jessica's (aka scrapbaby) sketch at the memory lane pa site on Facebook. She has been posting fun challenges over there!


When we received our invitation to attend the Moravian Historical Society's mother-daughter tea, Anne really thrilled! But instead of taking her American Girl doll, Ivy, like she did last year, she took Monty, a sea otter that she "befriended" during our trip to California. (We purchased him at one of the the gift shops at the Montery Bay Aquarium.) Anne dressed him up in a bow tie, so that he would look his best at the tea. He was pretty sure that he would be able to meet some friends there, hopefully girls!

After we arrived at the tea, we found that we could make our own petties four cakes for our dolls, or sea-otters, which ever applied!.

Next, Anne decorated her own tea caddy and added 2 teaspoons of tea to take home.

Here is Anne after she completed her crafts.

We crossed the street to the tea gathering. Each guest had their own place setting and name tag. Monty was a little shy when he saw all of the beautiful girls arriving.

The "ice breaker" questions helped alleviate his shyness.

New friendships were made. Anne and her new friend were
enjoying one of the games played during colonial times.

The men were conversing. Lucky for Monty - he was not the only guy that attended the tea.

Examples of a Colonial sugar cone, sugar bowl, and creamer:

Each of us got to take our tea cup and saucer home.

As you can see, Monty had a blast meeting all of his new friends - he was quite happy!!!
What a ladies' man.

The Victorian Tea was awesome - here's one of the servers.

And Monty did meet a new girlfriend - her name is Julie!!

Maybe they will be living happily ever after . . . or just be friends.


  1. Looks like you had a fun afternoon. They covered several eras...Victorian & Colonial, eh? How neat that after decorating the caddy the girls got to see loose tea. I have a Colonial style sugar cone wrapped in paper from Williamsburg displayed in our dining room. Nice blog, Sharon :)

  2. Very pretty--lots of fun here! I like the music on your blog too (just turned the audio on!)

  3. What a fun blog post! It looks like you all had an absolute blast! That last photo of Monty kissing Julie made me laugh. LOL

  4. I"M glad that Monty had a good time and met some new friends!! lol
    What a great afternoon for you and your daughter!

  5. What a great afternoon! (I can see the scrapbook LOs developing in your brain right now!)
    My daughter would love an event like this. She would probably bring Steve, her sea lion. He could be friends with Monty.

  6. wow..Im sure you and your daughter and her new found friends had more scrapbook pages..yay! :))

  7. Happy Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  8. What a fun day!! I think you have a ton to scrapbook about !

  9. What a FUN EVENT, Sharon!!! I LOVE the American Girls Dolls and remember all the joy that they brought to my own daughter, Elizabeth, who is now 26!!! We went to the AG store in Dallas recently and it was so cute to see all the little shoppers and partiers there! TFS

  10. How fun...kinda reminds me of going to "Miss Molly's" in Ohio.

  11. What a FUN day for you, Anne and Monty. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and memories.

  12. Great photos,looks like everyone had fun...PS your music got me again,note to self...turn speakers down! LOL


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