Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Mixed Emotions" class comes to an end . . .

I have been putting off posting this because I guess I just did not want my "Mixed Emotions" workshop to finally be over.  But all good things must come to an end some time,  and the good thing is, Marit and Michelle will be offering more workshops in the future!  And . . . I have met some very wonderful people in the process, who have become friends.  They are all not only talented, but are kind, supportive, and really nice!

Our last and final 2 lessons were all about making and decorating a folder/cover to keep our work in. I can honestly say that I had such fun making mine!  First of all, I looked for something that would hold all of my work, and decided to use an old scrapbook cover that I had on hand and was getting ready to throw away.  I also had some fabric that a scrapbook friend, Cindy from West Virginia, had sent me some time ago that I loved, so I decided to use it, too, because it was perfect here!

Marit began the lesson by teaching us how to make and bind our folders to hold all of our projects.  Here's how mine looked:

That cool fabric was sent to me by Cindy, a friend a met on!  You can check out her creative blog here:  Cindy's Pages in Time

Next, Michelle took over the least lesson and taught us how to decorate our folders using acrylic paint, water, and paper towels!  Yep, I said paper towels!  So cool!  And fun!  Here is how mine turned out:

Michelle said that the finished product would be strong, and I feel that it is as tough a nails and should last a lifetime!

Next, to complete my folder, I purchased some turquoise elastic from the "Hydrangea Hippo" ETSY store.  Check out Jennifer Priest's awesome store here:  Hydrangea Hippo

I used her turquoise elastic cord and her tie died sequined ribbon to complete my album!  Here is how it looks:  

And here a peak at what the inside looks like:

See how the bottom flap keeps everything in place?

 . . . and in conclusion, I want to post all of my projects here in one spot:

 Lesson 1, Courage:

Lesson 2, Loneliness:

Lesson 3, Joy:

Lesson 4, Fear:

Lesson 5, Love:

 Lesson 6, Hate:

Lesson 7, Sadness:

Lesson 8, Inspiration:

Lesson 9, Anger

Lesson 10, Confidence:

Lesson 11, Folder binding:

Lesson 12, Decorating Your Cover:

I can't believe that 12 lessons have flown by so quickly and that I have learned so much in such a short period of time!  The teachers and my fellow students have become like family to me!  

Thanks again to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart!  I love you all!!!!

If you are interested in learning more about this workshop, you can check it out here:

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!


  1. How fun to see all of your emotion pages in one post! They look fabulous together!!! And I love seeing that big juicy stack of artwork in your folder! It's hard to believe you are new to art journaling. You have a lot of depth, heart and skill in your work. Of course I knew that about your scrapbooking already, but now I see it in your art journaling as well! Thanks for taking the class!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic project this was and I can see why you are sad that it's ending, but I think it's just a beginning of art for you. You've learned so much and done some amazing work here! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Hi Sharon, It's nice to work on a unique project- one you most likely would never have made on your own...stretches your creative muscle. Have a joyous Easter :)

  4. The class may be over but what powerful emotions you created art through! And you've got all those gorgeous pages to keep forever! That cover has such bright bold, I love it!

  5. WOW I'm very impressed of all your marvellous pages and the whole project. So wonderful paintings, and unique interpretations of emotions in your book fabulous covered, really awesome!
    Wish you a happy new week,
    hugs Anja

  6. hi Sharon!!!

    ooooh, I love the colors of your cover! and seeing your finished pages, they're wonderful!!!

    great work!

  7. It's simply beautiful Sharon! You are quite the artist! Glad you were able to use the fabric--I loved that one. . . used it on a pretty fall page with a photo of Chris walking the dog! Have a good week!

  8. Sharon, this was so fun to read and look at. I'm so glad you took that class and learned so much. You are so talented and worked so hard in this class. I think you HAVE TO KEEP DOING ART JOURNALING, YOU ARE TOO GOOD AND ENJOYED IT SOOOOO MUCH!! Thanks for putting these all on one post to see, looks so awesome!! I can't even pick a favorite, can you?
    So glad we had this class together!!
    Hope you had a nice weekend!!

  9. What fantastic projects, Sharon! I'm so glad I got to see these. I was so intrigued with the warm colors on your Sadness pages. Isn't it interesting how we perceive emotions Take care

  10. These pages are awesome and do a great job evoking the emotions that we can all identify with. Beautiful Sharon. What a treasure you've made!

  11. Wow, that looks like it was a great class. You generated so many pieces of art, with so many different techniques. I love how you put it all together in your decorated folder.

  12. Looks amazing Sharon!!! I love love love the cover!! It turned out GORGEOUS!! And you know I loveeeeee all your pages from this class!!!

  13. Wow- that class was really cool. I loved watching your progress, and now, seeing it all put together, it is really impressive. You are an artist, my friend. I would love to learn how to make that folder.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your prayers for my house. I know that "All things work together...", but sometimes I forget to be patient with the whole process. I especially want to be done with the selling and buying and moving before school is out because we are traveling to see family in Maryland then and it's so much easier when things are settled.

  14. Wow I can see why you are sad it is ending, but as someone on here said, I think it is just the beginning for you. Your pages are amazing and your cover is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing

  15. WOW!!!What are Fantastic drawings in your book,so colorful and bright,its Awesome!!!

    Hugs Jeannette

  16. So great to see all your beautiful work together here Sharon. I could barely keep up (still have to make my folder) but you with no art journal experience made 2 pages for each lesson.
    And they are so inspiring and creative.
    I will keep following you so keep on making beautiful things and we will probably be in a future class together
    We will keep in touch

  17. I am also sad that your Emotions workshop has ended...because I enjoyed following along on your artistic journey. What an amazing experience! I appreciate you putting yourself "out there" for all of us to share your emotions and innermost thoughts. A little side note: When I saw your "Sadness" pages, I thought "Hope" (interesting).

  18. Awesome work!!! Fantastic artwork!!!

  19. Sharon...I am sure you have been so enriched by this course...and I certainly enjoy seeing all the fruits of your labour! Absoloutely love lesson 10....what an awesome page! But great work all round...fabulous! ;-)

  20. I am so glad you got to take this class. I can tell you loved every minute of it. I know they are both great teachers. That binder is amazing! And so are your art pieces! So much emotion just in looking at them without know the story behind each piece. CONGRATS on finishing this treasure!!

  21. I enjoyed seeing all of your work during this workshop. I will have to add you to my blog list when I get home tonight.

  22. WOW, Sharon! It looks like quite the class! How fun! And look at all those beautiful pages you have to show for it! TFS!

  23. Sharon loved it, amazing pages here!!
    Wonderful art book.

  24. I just love your journal. The cover is amazing and all the pages are just so full of emotion. The class must have been such a journey. Thank you so much for sharing your journal. I'm in awe of what you created.

  25.! I haven't been bloggging in so long and what a perfect day for me to pick! I just love all of your art work. You did a beautiful job with each and everyone of your projects. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Congrats to ya' my friend!

  26. Wow this looks amazing and it's given me some inspiration. Thank you for becoming my latest follower and leaving me encouraging comments.


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